The Kavanaugh Kalculation

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

From the movie Animal House. Recall a time, before Progressivism and its political correctness, when we were permitted to account for things such as context (youth), common sense, and humor. There is some irony in the fact that this movie was released just a few years before the alleged incident.

Once upon a time, in a more rational America, we could laugh at  <ahem> the “inappropriate behavior” of youth.  But now, we’re thoroughly “progressivised” and humor is politically incorrect (as, increasingly, is common sense).

Such partially explains why for the past two weeks the Brett Kavanaugh nomination has ground to a halt over an accusatory letter that was held secure by Dianne Feinstein from last July until after the confirmation hearings (unlike the case with her Chinese-spy driver, apparently Senator Feinstein can maintain operational security when it’s important to her).

That letter – the public portion of which so far is as redacted as the FISA applications targeting President Trump – we are supposed to take as a serious indictment of a serious crime, disqualifying one for a seat on the Supreme Court.

That would be, if it occurred at all, the clumsy groping by a seventeen-year-old at a party where heavy drinking was involved – which according to the accuser’s (now purged from the Internet) high school yearbook was an activity in which (she?) and her peers were boastful and serial participants (see here and  here).  A detailed indictment of a hazy recollection from 36 years ago, bereft of the kinds of facts that one would think would be seared into the memory of one so traumatized, such as “when” and “where.”

At most, Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of behaving like a 17-year-old Kennedy or Clinton!

Animal House … or Brett Kavanaugh and Professor Ford nee Christine Blasey? Either way, NO WONDER her recollection is so hazy!!!

We know not when the accuser penned this letter; why these decades later she decided to; whether anyone was soliciting her to write it, or assisting with its composition.

Nor do we know when she engaged her current attorney(s); how they found each other (or through whom); or who may be paying the attorneys’ fees (or reimbursing/subsidizing the accuser for them).

The timing of the (partial) release of this letter is significant – it came only after the Democrats were unsuccessful in derailing the nomination during the hearing process – so having all the signs of a quintessential “Plan B.”

Presumably, what the Supreme Court can giveth, it can also take away: the Progressives’ fear of a Justice Kavanagh is palpable, for they sense genuine risk to the viability (pun intended) of abortion, and so their Satanically-inspired culture of death (as detailed here).

Abortion politics. Babies are expendable; collateral damage in the cause or advancing Progressivism.

Without a doubt the Progressives and their political wing (the Democrat Party) still hope to derail the nomination – to delay at least until after the midterms which, if they gain either House of Congress, will prompt calls to delay the vote until the new Congress is seated – if not derail it entirely before then.

But one suspects that they also have a “Plan B” underlying all of this, an ulterior motive that will be useful for them even if Brett Kavanaugh is approved: to provide fodder for the 2020 Presidential race.  In other words, this circus is intended in part to provide campaign-advertising material for (first) Kamala Harris and (secondarily) to Elizabeth Warren.

The only thing missing are signs that say: “We’re useful idiots, and we vote!

While it’s hard for sentient females or males to take such pussy-headed “womyn” seriously (see photo above), the Democrats definitely do.  And one can sense that they’re all itching for a 2016 redux in 2020, only this time with the “first [Democrat] woman elected President.”  They see it as payback time.

And should they succeed impeaching President Trump, they see (evangelical) Mike Pence as an even easier target for …

Motivating their “feminist” and pro-abortion identity politics base into voting to “save” abortion (mass murder) and the historical step of electing the first female President.

In this, one surmises them viewing Kamala Harris as their ultimate vehicle for an electoral kill-shot: uber Progressive, female and light-skinned minority – essentially Barack Obama with a pu**y and a pussy-hat.

Kamala Kalculating her way into the White House …

This would explain much of what is occurring now: Harris using doctored tapes of Kavanaugh at the nomination hearings, on top of her more generic grandstanding there; and this hazy charge from 36 years ago that is defamatory even as its calculated lack of specificity renders it nearly impossible to refute.

It is not hard to imagine “Kamala Harris for President 2020” ads replaying selected excerpts of her from the nomination hearings, while accompanying taglines declare that if the Republican is elected in 2020 we’ll get more anti-abortion and women-assaulting Supreme Court justices.

In other words, “pussy hats” and abortion advocacy and “#MeToo” all rolled into one.

Given the now open shift-Left of the Democrat Party – which philosophically, if not officially is already an appendage of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), it’s rational to expect that Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee in 2020 – for Democrat identity politics she hits the sweetest spot – relatively young, attractive, minority, female and completely compatible with Progressivism and DSA agendas.

In the world of Democrat identity politics, the fact that appearance-wise Harris could pass for either part-Black or part-Hispanic is a bonus.

From there, it’s also easy to imagine the Democrats’ nominating their “dream ticket” by having Elizabeth Warren as the VP candidate – there’d be the doubly “historical” nature of an all-female ticket; the candidates would come from the West and East coasts; and being second-fiddle would help Warren mitigate her Fauxcahontas baggage.  At the same time, Harris would appeal to the younger, DSA-inclined useful idiot demographic, while Warren would appeal to the older, Hillary-dowager useful idiot demographic.

In other words, a consummate application of the Rainbow Conspiracy, concerning which Trevor Loudon has been warning us.

Yes, the VP slot might go to a token male – a Bernie Sanders or Cory Booker.  But given the current (increasingly open) Socialist trajectory of the Democrat Party I’m betting that the geriatric Sanders will be bypassed, and Spartacus Booker bypassed as well (if for no other reason that Harris already serves to play the minority card).

So as the Kavanaugh nomination plays out, keep in mind that there’s probably a longer-term “Kavanaugh Kalculation” at play as well.

Mr. Wigand is the author of Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracywhich is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.  Comments or questions for Mr. Wigand may be sent to:— he will make every effort to personally respond to every email.

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