NOVEMBER IS COMING: I Don’t Want You to Get Paranoid About the Midterms, But it’s Time to Get Paranoid about the Midterms

Doug Ross @ Journal

If you don’t show up in November, these will be your new leaders in Congress:

Impeachment proceedings? Non-stop subpoenas? More appeasement of China and Iran? Marxists in Congress?

Start mobilizing your family, your friends, your colleagues now. It is our mission to send these Communists packing in November. If you don’t turn out, if we don’t turn out, the #MAGA experiment is over.

Volunteer here. And vote in November Like Your Life Depends On It. (Hat tip: Mark Levin)

***Note from NoisyRoom: Since Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General of Minnesota rather than re-election to his House seat, he will not be a leader in Congress next year. However, Ilhan Omar is primed to replace him and she is just as bad or worse. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!


  1. So much conspiracy theory and thought-provoking intellectual rhetoric here that I can hardly tell what side you are on… I am a Democrat and have listened to how and why we are trying to destroy the country so I am here just trying to understand our differences. From my point of view, the conservatives are the ones who are trying to change/eliminate the constitution…everyone has this backwards. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. They tell you liberals are the bad guys and use heart-rending stories about us not being patriotic (flag, kneeling, etc.) simply because we don’t agree on how things should be run. This is a smoke screen. I voted for Reagan in 1980 and Bush in 2004. I am (was) all for the back and forth–take turns at the wheel–politics of a two-party system (I thought it was going well). But Trump (and his faction of the Rebublican Party) are dismantling all of our government institutions and agencies as we know them. I thought this was to make Government smaller–as conservatives like, but it looks like a concerted effort to “take over” these agencies placing wealthy private entities in charge…Trump is doing away with the agencies he doesn’t like by not appointing anyone to head them and taking away their funding. The Republicans want corporations to run the government agencies that we still need like the Dept. of Education, Labor, Housing, VA, etc…all to use our tax dollars as a guaranteed steady stream of income to line the pockets of shareholders and top corporate executives. We call that “corporate welfare”. They are doing this without any input, consideration or say so from anyone else (especially congress who has the constitutional power to have a ‘say so’). Nobody wants to get rid of the flag or the anthem…and the statues need to be put in an historical museum. We don’t want Socialism (although some of its principles have proven to be a good idea). We would just like for people to please consider some different models of government and maybe implement/combine some of the good parts of them into what we already have…for the welfare of society as a whole. The direction this country is going has got to change. Like it or not, we are in a global economy…due to the way the world has changed, things that worked in the past don’t work anymore in this new age of computers and robotics. Detroit didn’t used to be like this before the banks failed. (I personally thought they should have failed because that is what happens in a free market system when corporations are not run correctly or corruption and theft takes them down…for which people should go to jail for.) Pres. Obama could not let our country suffer the consequences of a Depression so the cream got sucked off the top by eveybody who was able to do so and they got away with what I call the greatest heist in American history and now they are more emboldened than ever to keep this going. Thanks to the Great Recession, wealth and power have shifted and American life is different now. Some would have you believe it is immigration to blame but it is really due to automation and technology. I still can’t put my head around the fact that we are going against our allies (who we all worked together with to crush world domination by Germany). Now China is cozying up to our old allies–guess where that will leave us? Right where Putin wants us!! Left out and all alone in our isolationism. And why are we pansying up to Russia–who also wants to dominate the world.. we won’t know their end game until it is upon us! We liberals are afraid of totalitarianism…a ruling class of corporate moguls/Wall Street people who call all the shots and leave the rest of us to fight over whatever they dole out. The Conservative Movement/John Birch Society has long wanted to take power (voters’ rights, consumers’ rights, workers’ rights) away from the people so that they can do whatever they want and nobody has any rights to do anything about it…and the conservative courts will back them up. This, we believe, is the start of fascism and dictatorship.

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