Ulsterman Update: Is Barack Obama ‘Losing it?’ (And what is ‘it?’)


Breaking…Deep Throat Warns Reporter of Danger Ahead

Zilch.  Nada.  Naught.  Nothing.  

So far this is all we are getting from the mainstream media on the explosive news of a monumental scandal at the Holder Department of Justice involving the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, abject racism, and a blatant cover-up by the Obama Administration.

We now have clear-cut evidence of felonies, violations of federal election laws, the refusal of the DOJ to sentence those charged with voter intimidation due to outright racism, lies under oath, tampering with official documents submitted to the court, and a coordinated effort to cover up the entire sordid mess by Obama Administration officials.

Secret emails and documents obtained by Judicial Watch and reported by Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government indicate several smoking guns implicating the entire U.S. Department of Justice and the Obama White House.

Yet nary word of this has been reported by CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, the Washington Post, or the New York Times.


It is time for Patriots to demand accountability from ‘the press’ that is afforded special protections by the Bill of Rights.  The price for such protections is honest, responsible conduct–the open, free reporting of news without any regard for political ideology or consequences.

Thus, the question becomes, how long will the mainstream media sit on this story?  And how long will Patriots wait to demand that ‘the press’ do its job?

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Original Article September 7, 2010:

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It seems we hear odd rumors from unnamed sources about each White House occupant.  This story has been very persistently bubbling up on the ‘net.

It appears thematic to many observations of the man Nancy Pelosi certified as U.S. President (and Commander in Chief, never mind what John Jay had inserted into the U.S. Constitution about theparental inheritance of “natural born” Citizenship).

But, we digress.

Or do we?

Does Obama’s apparent ineligibility for office, translated to his illegitimacy in office weigh upon him?  Cause him to feel detached?  Or is the reason his White House mission, of unfathomably massive sabotage of America, for the sake of the Failed State Strategy?

Do you believe this report is accurate?  Do you have reason to?

From NewsFlavor.com

White House Insider On Obama: The President Is Losing It

Published by Ulsterman on September 7, 2010 in Opinions

A longtime Washington D.C. insider, and former advisor to the Obama election campaign and transition team, speaks out on an administration in crisis, and a president increasingly withdrawn from the job of President.


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  1. Obama has smarts to deliver speech but not the smarts to find outhouse. His loss would be Americas gain. I hope that congress will start impeachment proceedings very soon against this illegal and that may push him over the edge,without safety net. America is on track to become next 3rd world country,thanks to our liberal demds and CLUELESS OBAMA.

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