The Elusive Jay Kaganoff

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

The Washington Post published an OpEd by Jay Kaganoff on Wednesday appealing to “fellow conservatives” to revisit the decades-old charges of sexual harassment from Anita Hill against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

But there is something quite odd about the author of this OpEd, who appears to be a phantom. According to his byline, Jay Kaganoff is “a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. He has written for National Review Online and Commentary Magazine, among others.”

He must have used another name, because a search of “Jay Kaganoff,” “Jason Kaganoff” and just plain old “Kaganoff” resulted in zero records found on both the National Review Online and Commentary Magazine websites.


While a resume exists for a “Jay Kaganoff” in Brooklyn, it does not reveal any freelance writing work, or any writing whatsoever. While it is possible that Jay Kaganoff is a freelance writer who just dallies with writing on the side and does not use the proceeds from his writings for his main source of income, this author could not find any other writings by a “Jay Kaganoff” anywhere online.

Kaganoff bills himself as a “conservative,” claiming:

“As a conservative, [Supreme Court Justice Clarence] Thomas was one of my role models. I am a fan of his judicial philosophy.”

But as far as his conservative creds, that is as far as he goes. Kaganoff does not come close to discussing rule of law, due process, limited government.

While there is a Facebook and Twitter account for a “Jay Kaganoff,” neither of those social media accounts has been populated with one post. Not one. For a “freelance writer,” he certainly is not very keen to put himself out there. This author smells a rat.

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