NFL: Blame the Media for Inflaming Tensions

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And liberal policies for creating the problems that caused them.

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Incongruously, the media has been more focused these days on the NFL/national anthem flap than the most deadly shooting in U.S. history that occurred a mere two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. That by itself should say something. The media has been curiously incurious to dig too deeply into the past of Nevada shooter Stephen Paddock. What are they afraid they will find, another James Hodgkinson?

But the NFL controversy would not exist if the grandstanding Colin Kaepernick had not decided to lend his name to the Black Lives Matter movement by sitting down for the national anthem. And that wouldn’t have happened if a bunch of St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams had not made a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture at a football game shortly after the acquittal of the police officer who shot Michael Brown in self-defense. And that wouldn’t have happened if the media hadn’t promoted the notion that Brown, Freddie Gray , and Trayvon Martin were simply innocent victims, instead of the criminals they were.

The media deliberately inflamed tensions in minority communities by promoting the lie rather than telling the truth. Facts were ignored, suppressed, or misconstrued as simply defensive reactions to the “racist” charge. The resulting outrage sparked riots that turned entire inner-city neighborhoods — where black families live and work — into cinders. An unprecedented rash of police assassinations followed.

The media has blood on its hands. But did that stop it?

Media expanded the narrative by using President Trump’s very wise and responsible actions on immigration to smear him and anyone associated with him as “racists,” “bigots,” and “Islamophobes.” This in turn signaled the radical Left antifa communists to weaponize the “racist” charge, taking to the streets to protest this “Nazi” takeover by Donald Trump. This calculated message of hate has in turn encouraged the Black Lives Matter crowd to become even more sanctimonious than they were before (but no less violent).

Victimhood is the new heroism in America.

Leftists now lunge at any opportunity to attack public messages of support for the president and this country. A restaurant in Phoenix posted a Facebook message supporting Trump and opposing “political correctness.” The restaurant promised not to show NFL games “until the organization got it together.”

The post went viral and the restaurant was forced to close its doors on October 9 following threats it received. According to owner Ron Sanchez, “People threatened to burn down the restaurant with the owners in it. It’s a crazy world we’re in.”

Local ABC News reporter Jennifer Martinez tweeted with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm: “This was the viral FB post that Cup It Up American Grill posted & deleted after backlash. Restaurant is closed indefinitely.”

The media has deliberately fanned these flames. But all of it is based on a lie. Police do not oppress blacks. In fact, an opposite case can be made. The following chart shows that while blacks comprise only 13 percent of the U.S. population they represent almost 40 percent of fatal attacks on police.Meanwhile, black crime is off the charts in comparison with every other racial group in this country. Critics argue that blacks’ 40 percent share among U.S. prison populations is direct evidence of institutional racism (see table below). In a color-blind society, they charge, incarcerated black populations would reflect their 13 percent share of the general population.


However, if black crime rates were the guide, it would seem that blacks are, if anything, underrepresented in prison populations. Take homicides for example. The table below shows that, despite representing 13 percent of the American population, blacks commit by far the majority of murders. Stats for 2015 are the latest available. Prior years, however, show similar results. Blacks also commit a disproportionate number in all other categories of violent crime.

There are many more statistics that reinforce this point. I could go on and on. Blacks are not over-represented in prisons because of institutional bias, they are over-represented because they commit more crimes. It is high time we get honest about that fact. Doubtless the SJWs will call me a racist for even mentioning it. But there is nothing racist about telling the truth. You can’t fix a problem until you are willing to admit you have one.

But the sad truth is that inner-city blacks do have plenty to be angry about. The media understands this and knows it can count on black anger so it rubs salt in the wound and misdirects the anger toward the media’s political opponents — i.e. conservatives, the one and only group consistently willing to stick its neck out to offer solutions that work.

But we rarely get the chance. The swamp doesn’t like real ideas, because they usually involve some kind of sacrifice. Just think about what happened with Obamacare. The GOP offered multiple proposals to abolish it when they knew it wouldn’t happen. But the minute they had the majority, and a real opportunity? Well, there were too many lobbyists to disappoint. Don’t get me wrong. The swamp is all about sacrifice — our sacrifice, but not theirs. And Democrats? Perish the thought!

Inner cities are falling apart before our eyes. Buildings are abandoned and crumbling. Schools teach much about how blacks have been wronged, but little that will help them get right. Massive amounts of drug abuse, prostitution, and violence plague inner cities. More people were murdered in inner-city Chicago last month than the total killed in the Las Vegas shooting. Meanwhile, to add outrage to injury, immigrants, both legal and illegal, are welcomed into the inner city to take those jobs that do exist. All this can be laid at Democrats’ feet — but they could never get away with it without a complicit press.

If I were black I’d be seeing red.

But not because of police brutality or excessive police shootings. If anything, there needs to be more police present in inner-city neighborhoods, and those black residents who understand this have been intimidated into stony silence while the left-wing fanatics among them rage and burn. Even Black Lives Matter people don’t buy this. Their real objection is capitalism. Why? Because the leaders of that movement are communists!

Not because of phony “white privilege (a concept invented by a hardcore Communist),” or “unequal access.” Blacks have been given more “access,” — more special grants, racial preferences in hiring and lending, and more welfare as a percent of their population than any other group, except refugees and certain other immigrants, (and what’s with that?)

I’d be seeing red because of the horrible way blacks have been used by the establishment Left, black and white, to entrench itself in power. Chicago, New York, Detroit, Baltimore — name the city. If a Democrat runs it, it’s a mess. They have entrenched themselves in power and suck tax resources like a bottomless sinkhole.

The only politician in recent memory who has offered to help actually remedy this problem is… wait for it… Donald Trump. If you recall, candidate Trump famously asked “What do you have to lose?”

The Democrats have failed completely in the inner cities… year after year, failure after failure, worse numbers after worse numbers; poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership. Crime at levels that nobody’s seen! You can go to war zones, in countries that we are fighting, and it’s safer than living in some of our inner cities! They’re run by the Democrats. And I ask you this… What do you have to lose?

Really, what do they have to lose? The media has abandoned the American people, and the lies they promote have had the most profound effect in inner cities, deliberately! The Democrats and establishment Republicans have abandoned the American people, and the lies they promote have had the most profound effect in inner cities. The hard left protesting in the streets and shouting “shut it down!” could care less about the issues they protest. Their real goal is anarchy, and the lies they promote have had the most profound effect in inner cities, deliberately!


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