American Freedom Alliance to screen ‘America Under Siege: Antifa’ at Freedom of Speech Conference

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

“Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back”

The American Freedom Alliance will be hosting a vitally important conference: “Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back.” Join AFA “in our powerhouse event addressing the various ways in which these dissenting voices are being silenced.”

Trevor Loudon will be one of the speakers of the event along with Dr. Jamie Glazov, Christine Brim, Frank Gaffney, Dr. Robert Epstein and Dr. Carol Swain (see more below).


The conference will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel at 11461 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

From the invitation:

“That there is a tsunami of hate directed at the right is indisputable. While the Left claims to be ‘tolerant’ and to embrace ‘diversity,’ those claims are a part of the deception in service of their warfare against any kind of ideological dissent.

Join AFA in our powerhouse event addressing the various ways in which these dissenting voices are being silenced. From social media’s obstruction of conservative voices, to YouTube’s systematic refusal to monetize conservative videos, to Google’s manipulation of search results, to the media’s being a propaganda vehicle for the Left generally, we see daily their all-too-effective domination of civic discourse. Add to this the deliberately destructive and increasingly violent Antifa, BLM and the most pernicious of all, the SPLC and we have a perfect storm of their efforts to monopolize the narrative in every domain.

After AFA’s recent inclusion on the SPLC’s hate list and their slanderous and vile attacks against even our California conference, as well as their personal attacks on our speakers, we have been exploring various options for fighting back. In a battle as obscenely asymmetric as this one, we turned to what we do best: inform, expose, and inspire each of us to take action however we can to fight back against the outrageous hate from groups like them.

And thus, this conference was born. We are putting the SPLC in the context of what they do: a decades-long, systematic and deceitful campaign of hate against those whose beliefs differ from theirs and which uses tactics that are rooted in Maoism and Stalinism.

Our speakers are experts in various aspects of this cultural warfare and will, separately and as a group, piece together the destructive practices aimed at silencing us and, most importantly, share with us ways in which we can combat the hate they sow.

Speakers include:
AFA Fellow Trevor Loudon whose film “The Enemies Within” documented the infiltration of the Democrat Party by Communist and other anti-American forces, and whose new documentary America Under Siege: Antifa is an in-depth expose of this fascistic group. We will also be screening this film at the conference.

Dr. Jamie Glazov of the Glazov Gang and FrontPage Mag, whose book United in Hate outlines clearly the origins and context of what we are dealing with today. In addition, his own work has been threatened because of his having been blacklisted.

Dr. Carol Swain who has been the target of the SPLC and other hate groups for far too long, and who has been studying their tactics. She is an American political scientist, former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, and former television host.

Christine Brim whose expertise in this area ranges from analyses of social media bias to the strategies and networking of these various hate groups.

Frank Gaffney whose Center for Security Policy has suffered due to the SPLC’s blacklisting, and whose efforts most recently include a number of strategies for ensuring that we all still are able to exercise our first amendment right to free speech without the various impediments imposed by the “tolerant” left.

Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, is one of the few resesarchers who has quantified google’s tampering of their search algorithms.

We are also delighted to have Joy Villa join us – you may know Joy as the musician whose “Trump Dress” propelled her from admired musician to just another right-wing lunatic who must be silenced. Her story is a compelling one and is indicative of the hate radiating from the Left.

And new speakers are being added every day!

The conference includes lunch and the screening of Trevor Loudon’s latest film AMERICA UNDER SIEGE: ANTIFA

Help us fight back against the Left’s tsunami of hate.

Discounts for students, law enforcement and military.

Group discounts also available.

Please join us for this important event. If you cannot attend, please consider giving the American Freedom Alliance a donation to help them in their vital work.

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