I Doxed the #Eclipse – It’s #FakeNews! – #EclipseTruth Here! – Video Evidence

Scientific evidence! The eclipse was staged.

“The camera doesn’t lie!”

You will note in the video that even I, during this concocted event, swallowed the propaganda of the Grand Solar Eclipse Hoax of 2017 — making excuses, creating explanations on the fly according to the ways we have all been programmed, to dismiss what I was seeing before my very eyes.




Further comments in the video, some in complete sentences.

Serious comment here:

Sometimes not even video portrays the whole, real, relevant truth, now does it?


  1. To my knowledge, no mosquitoes nor other animals were abused in the yard from any burst of Climate Change, during the making of this video.

    Would it help to analyze the dirt in the ground, for New York City thermite?

  2. Killer of lies says

    OMG this is hilarious don;t tell me you’re on Ambien too.

  3. Joseph Goebbels says

    OMG wow, so explain how billions of people around the world saw the eclipse except for you. Oh right, well denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Isn’t it lonely in your alt world, and doesn’t it make your mom sad to know that she didn’t have children. But for ***** and grins, when I need to LOL, I’ll pop right on back to this propaganda laced bullshit rag.

    • Huh. You do issue an “LOL,” but I’m not… quite… sure about your sense of humor pertaining to this video and item, Mr. Goebbels — if that really IS your name.

      (I have added the tag: “s____e,” fill in the blanks, as much as I hate to elbow the audience in the ribs.)

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