Unraveling in Process: The George Webb, Jason Goodman Video with Arlen Williams in Bozeman; 2 Talks


OK, now I’m trying to be on vacation, even if I did make the mistake of getting trapped in Yellowstone during the Summer…. But, here are all the video conversations: with George last Friday and George plus Jason the next, tired morning.

Being pressed for time, I don’t wish to describe much right now. Let’s let George and Jason continue to try to unravel the world for a few days and I’ll try to gather myself R&R-wise. Then I’ll unravel me some more Webb & Goodman along with my little bits of the world’s tangles.

If we can all find out more of where the red pill takes us, we’ll all get more comfortable with ourselves and each other.

I wish to be objective. I also wish to give George the benefit of the doubt and I do appreciate what I sense of his integrity-with-enthusiasm and what I gain of his consistency. We are all learning. George is voracious. There is a great deal of skullduggery in the world. While it is unrealistic to, as Chris Carter’s The X-Files recommends, “Trust no one,” we must all be ever learning, scrutinizing, and perspicacious to meet the challenges we share.

(And we will pick up his voice better next time.)

Friday, my interview of George, which I’ve subtitled, “Is he for real.” Three installments in a playlist, easy to navigate to parts two and three.


Saturday morning, our carrying the conversation further, this time with George and Jason hosting.

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