UPDATE: Today’s Interview of George Webb at Red Pill Expo: Is He for Real?

UPDATE:  Segment 1 of 3, Is George Webb for real? Here it is.

I hope you can turn the volume up when Mr. Webb speaks. I hadn’t intended on videoing and used only a wimpy smart phone. Sitting on Segments 2 or 3 for a day or three. Check back with us.


George Web

Just before lunch today at the Red Pill Expo I conducted an extensive interview of George Webb, the peculiarly prolific investigator who has alleged that some very, very bad things are being done by many of the power players at the top of America’s political, governmental, and Deep State intelligence pyramid.  Are you familiar? (His YouTube site.)

Where did this guy come from, anyway!

My mission: discover and show you what is necessary to determine whether he is on the up-and-up, to find out how he ticks, how he gains alleged facts and then pieces them together in his very, very alarming ways, and to let “you decide.”

I’ll be posting them, maybe in three segments of about fifteen minutes, relatively immediately, including at, but not limited to here at Gulag Bound.


Big (cowboy) hat tip to @TallulahStarr (Twitter)


  1. That was an excellent first segment and I’m looking forward to the next ones. Thanks so much for doing this.

  2. The questions of where did he get these skills and how did he get started in this field will never be answered (at least not by George). At least it seems he is using his talents to enlighten us, now. I have tried to analyze his motives from every angle but it is almost impossible to pin him down.

  3. we can use http://FedBullies.com for #HRCratline also George , Arlen fyi:?

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