Ach! Germany! Can We Try a German Spring?

I can be grumpy in the morning.

This Tuesday, for instance.

I tried out an idea on my friend Dan Lynch on AM580 KUBC in western Colorado. What if we overthrew the government of the European Union dominating nation of Germany? — again? Could we finally end the Scourge of Jerk that country has been in the world ever since our own country began?

Now we have Angela Merkel trying to shame President Trump and America for walking out of the vampiric Paris Agreement (warning: Salon article). This is the Merkel whose nation is now confiscating homes in order to house Muslims taking part in their grand “hijrah” strategy of invasion via immigration. (Another article on hijrah, by Robert Spencer)

Would fomenting a German Spring work better than the evils of America’s overt and covert involvement in Arab Spring which deep state pols, pundits, apparatchiks, and jounos don’t want anyone to mention?

What do you think… game for it?  (I did form a few full, coherent sentences, even if it was early.)

Then Dan changed the subject! Maybe he doesn’t think it’s quite feasible or… moral.

And so, speaking of Trump… after the 10 minute mark, where this recording cuts off (another hint?) I did offer that while I think President The Donald will continue to suffer from bad operators and dead wood in his White House for some while longer (not to mention is own, shall we say… eccentricities?) he will get some good purging done and come out… “WINNING!”

Huh. I see our conversation was issued a subheading, “The Jackass Interview.” Must have been that I used that descriptor a couple times. Or… no, it couldn’t have been my demeanor. Right, Dan? (Twitter)

Dan? (Facebook)

German for “jackass” is esel.  Bonus thoughts on Germany:

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