RINO Coup vs. Trump Overplaying its Hand? Johnny DeStefano, Reince Priebus, Monday May 22

If what I have just read is true (well, if most of that gained from pro-Trump citizen journalist Mike Cernovich pans out and if even a third just read from the flagrantly peculiar blogger, “Lame Cherry” is accurate) then what many of us suspect is roughly true is actually stone cold reality, observable with the five senses.

That is, the obvious conspiracy to subvert the presidency of Donald Trump is deeply embedded and poorly hidden in the White House itself, not in Obama administration holdovers but within the crew Trump himself has brought in. At present, it centers around the director of presidential personnel, Johnny DeStefano and potentially a very specific subset of very nasty behavior that could culminate this coming Monday, May 22.

Will Donald Trump wise up? Can he? Will DeStefano try to cover up? Can he, in the remaining hours, now that the alleged cat is out of the bag? In any case, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has some explaining to do and I hope it is under more than one bright, hot lamp.

Rather than regurgitate excerpts, here are the two brief articles. First, still hot off Chernovich’s press, then pointed out by a commentator to that, from Lame Cherry with the above caveat.

May Massacre – Johnny DeStefano to Purge Trump Supporters on May 22nd

Johnny DeStefano, a GOP elite loyalist who never vocally supported Trump, was somehow given the most important job in a presidential transition. As director of presidential personnel, DeStefano decides who will work in the Trump administration. DeStefano has been using his power to undermine Trump in several ways.

The Butt Boy staffing the White House for President Trump’s Impeachment

Editor’s Note: This will be a stand alone post due to content. As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Boehner and DeStefano, photo from Lame Cherry’s article

For now, instead of reiterating my initial concerns, here are comments I also made at the Chernovich article, three in succession.

#1. RINO’s can be pretty stupid, but as a conspiratorial tactic this would make for a notable flood line. I can imagine a harried dude in this White House not getting to such details promptly. Media word of the month: #chaotic.

#2. But who isn’t so stupid as to fail to notice who’s in his [own] house: Donald Trump.

#3. So if all this is accurate (caveat, no smudge on Mike) we are led to believe that Pres. The Donald is such a poor little rich boy, grown up, that he hasn’t even learned to descend from his tower to get to know a representative cross-section of his core political supporters, in order to keep in touch with his hoi polloi? I suppose that is plausible.

If so, then the man under the hot lamp of course has to be Reince Priebus and he must be made to confess all the players, starting with those at the top.

If there are still people who believe Trump is playing “XD chess” maybe they could imagine him having a team observing and letting the network of bad operators have enough freedom to catch as many as possible. One would have to have very long odds, to bet on that.

Since there will surely be some follow-up to do, I intend to do that for you soon, here.

h/t: Tallu

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