Happy Communist Day, May 1, 2017

Nostalgia at the New York Times:

Marxist (and occult) violence around the world on May 1… projectiles, fire, maybe whatever shooting, stabbing, beating, on and on — what else is new? That is what Communism is. It is violence, on all levels.

Oh, pardon me, the more popular terms are anti-fascism and let’s see… communitarian, progressive, and of course, democratic… community organizing and activism (sic).  And to pick out all the university PC terms for Jacobinism/Marxism now requires an ever modified glossary in cloud storage.

A video:

An article:

The Latest: Berlin officers hit with bottles, flag poles

Police say they’ve made multiple arrests in the German capital after far-left demonstrators threw bottles at officers and small skirmishes ensued. Police told the dpa news agency that about 150 demonstrators who had attended a protest elsewhere started causing problems in Apolda’s town center after getting off a train Monday afternoon.

UPDATE – This was nice to see in D.C., though:


  1. Arlen Williams says

  2. Arlen Williams says

    UT Austin: Black Student Stabs Four White Students After Antifa Label Frats ‘Racist’

    On Monday afternoon at the University of Texas-Austin, a junior biology major, Kendrex J. White, 20, went on a stabbing rampage with a Bowie knife and appeared to target fraternity and sorority members. Three of his victims were white men and one was Asian. One died from his wounds, 19-year-old freshman Harrison Brown.

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