Numerous Live Streams Including Oath Keepers’ Coverage: Today’s #Berkeley Rally (a/o Violence)


The entire day was generally orderly. Early on, a few Antifa communists were arrested for attempting to bring heavy-duty M-80 firecrackers downtown. Speakers spoke. Intellectual discussions and arguments were had, and as the day wore on, slurs were thrown from gathering adolescent collectivists. At about that time, the Berkeley Police actually, for perhaps the first time in these events, formed a line between the two morally unequal parties, generally facing the Marxists. (They don’t want to be attacked from behind any more than the patriot demonstrators.) It looked like America, albeit for those in their markedly ravenous attire.

About today’s potentially life-threatening event at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park, Berkeley, 2:00 PM Pacific Time…. See article and comments here for context and news up to this moment., live and stalwart:


Alex Jones Channel, live:


Live stream via YouTube by Tim Pool, a private videographer (now archived):


Oops, second round of live video from Pool:


Live stream on YouTube by another private party, Honeypot Studios (crude language):


Via Oath Keepers:

Live-stream video, photos, etc. from Free Speech Rally in Berkeley, CA, April 27, 2017 – Oath Keepers

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Berkeley, CaliforniaThursday, April 27 at 2 PM Join us for an afternoon of FREE SPEECH in America. The Free Speech rally starts at 2 PM,


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