McCain Still Trying to Grow #NWO, America Leading from Behind Europe’s 8-Ball


photo from Time magazine site

Russia is problematic still. But the big problem for Americans, Europeans, and many others in this world is “the new world order.”

That neoimperialism, feeding us  globalist, “communitarian” progressivism, itself being fed by the world’s biggest central bankster financing while consuming our own tax money, is pretty much being conducted through NATO nations. Yeah. Parasitically that is, via our governments, multinational, corporatist enterprises, and NGO’s, if not our people.

While America may appear to lead it all, behind the curtains are the generations old results of Europe’s post-enlightenment, transnationally collectivist doctrines stemming from the Bavarian Illuminati and French Revolution. Very consistent with that, it is funded via the financial domination of that continent’s Rothschild complex. It is Old World power. I’m glad it is now being called #ShadowGovt and #DeepState. Now that’s progress.

And so, Pogo, who is “the enemy?”

In their commentary, “Why Paul is Right on NATO and McCain is Wrong,” The Hill alludes to the attempts of NATO nation’s power-elites as they continue to “sustainably” develop their transnational hegemony, even as author,  puzzles over the question of why. Let’s not be so naive:

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