The War Bubbled-up thru MSNBC and Fox News Last Night

America exists in a state of semi-covert civil war. I believe it began in earnest with the “selection” as Jeremiah Wright put it, of globalist, collectivist Barack H. Obama to be U.S. President. The election and actions of our nationalist and to a significant degree, sovereigntist President Trump is a representation of the counterinsurgency. (Actually, “The Donald” is poignantly representative of currently prevalent American culture on numerous levels, its good, bad, ugly, “beautiful,” a word he likes to use, its celebrity mindedness, its narcissism, its values mishmash, and more.)

The war is taking place in the spiritual realm, as well as human. When have we ever seen the degree of Christian prophecy that we have in this time, about a presidential candidate, now president? I can only compare it to the obvious protection, development, and use of George Washington, in my limited studies. And even concerning him, I don’t know of much prophecy per se, but perhaps for the Indian chief during the French and Indian war who observed as a sign, Washington survive heavy musket fire without being stuck.

The warfare among men can be seen even this last evening, in the simultaneous TV streams from MSNBC, attempting to discredit Trump via one rather old tax return (and the Russia angle) and from Fox News, shining a light upon exactly such actions by NBC and the Marxstream media.

Meanwhile, we Christians in America watch, pray, speak, and act according to the revelation and wisdom we have. The charge we together have is to expose, root out, rebuild, and restore. This is quite similar to the operations of God’s prophets, Nehemiah, and Ezra at a pivotal time in Bible history, but we have our own fields of battle and theaters of war. I said the war is America’s, but it is taking place in the nations of Europe in their own similar ways and to their degrees, and of course in and around Israel. Actually, it is a world war.

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