Jay Sekulow Explained Obamunist Sabotage of Trump Mid February; Why Aren’t Republicans Seizing Initiative?


Sekulow just after pronouncing the word, “felony,” describing the Obama strategem


Democrat forces are advancing in orchestrated conjunction with their legacy news media and globalist Republicans, to undermine if not destroy the Trump administration. They have planned it and are executing with precision.  Barack Obama issued an executive order in the last days of his tenure which allowed his permanently embedded officials throughout the hydra-headed Intelligence Community (IC) to comb through raw intelligence data collected by the National Security Agency (NSA) in order to dig up whatever dirt they can on the new administration. That in turn, allows them to disseminate this information to progressive planners (presumably including Valerie Jarrett in the Obama residence) and then, at strategic times, leak it to the media.

Meanwhile, Republicans in executive and legislative branches are busy bailing with each leak. They are left to try to plumb the narrative-manufactured scandal du jour and cope with whatever other initiatives the Democrats generate and serve up, as the overall mess builds up. They are being played each day. Has the Trump administration even reversed Obama’s rule change? Not that we know of.

And through their New York Times, the prog complex is even spinning their own laudatory tales of their espionage, playing themselves up as heroes, while major conservative media mimics the relative incompetence of Republican office holders.

Been watching it happen and shaking my head. Maybe it takes a Gulag to spell it out strategically. Does this lowly observer have to become armchair quarterback, to tell the well paid people in venues of power what’s going on and suggest what to do?

While I humbly mull that over, listen to what the masterful Mr. Sekulow brought out long ago now in political time. The Obamunist/globalist officials yet in Trump’s administration are probably breaking the law, ongoing, as he and his colleagues explain. They, like the gingerbread man, sing and play “catch me if you can!”

Two February 17 videos, I won’t excerpt in this article. Just listen.




  1. But…

    Shooting down the Democrats’ major offenders as they try to make way too much hay out of Republicans’ relatively minor errors is just too easy. Their masks are so transparent it’s hard to call them hypocrites.


  2. Arlen Williams says

    Just, please… don’t do the Nixon plumber thing.

  3. Arlen Williams says

    Gets it:

  4. Arlen Williams says

  5. Very good except for how it ends.

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