After Conquering the Boy Scouts, What’s Next?

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The epitaph of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is being written by cowardly corporations, spineless politicians, politically correct adults afraid to say anything, and of course the liberal media. The Washington Post and The New York Times have been on the front lines of the “progressive” movement that now seeks to abolish the differences between the sexes by using our children as guinea pigs in the latest version of their sick social experiment.

The BSA is near death, thanks to the most recent decision by the BSA leadership to admit girls who want to be boys. This lunacy is endorsed by the Post, which praises the BSA for adapting “in an era of rapid culture change.” In an editorial, “Welcoming Transgender Boy Scouts,” the Times declares that “The Boy Scouts are recognizing transgender boys for what they genuinely are: boys.” This is nonsense, of course. They are not boys. They are girls.

Homosexuals and others were always free to start their own organizations. Instead, however, they sought to dominate and destroy organizations training young people in the context of traditional values. Too many morally corrupted and compromised conservatives did not resist.

Conservatives who have done their homework will recognize the BSA takeover as the Gramsci strategy of marching through the institutions, named after the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. If they can conquer the Boy Scouts, there’s not much left. The churches and the religious believers who attend them constitute one possible last line of defense.

William A. Donohue recognized what was happening as far back as 1993, in his booklet, “On the Front Line of the Culture War: Recent Attacks on the Boy Scouts of America,” which was updated in 1996. The rest, as they say, is history.

In terms of organizations, the key group leading the legal assault on the Boy Scouts was the ACLU. Corporations like Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo also played roles by yanking funding.

Overall, in the society at large, Donohue cited the influence of the “new class,” the “modern liberals” who were “usually educated at America’s elite colleges and universities, who work in the media, the academy, government, and other non-profit sectors of the economy.” These people, he noted, were ideologically alienated from “bourgeois” society but were “strategically placed” in New York, Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and “on the faculties of most college campuses…”

This “new class,” he wrote, espouses “politically correct” thinking, consisting of “the view that any departure from the modem liberal agenda is racist, sexist or homophobic, and thus beyond the pale in modern society.”

Although the “new class” has conquered the Boy Scouts, there is some hope.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is planning to introduce the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), in order to protect the rights of people to associate with like-minded people opposed to sexual immorality and perversion. The proposed legislation specifically says that people can hire and fire based on their religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is, or should be, recognized as the union of one man and one woman, and that sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.

Campaigning for office, Trump said, “If I am elected president and Congress passes the First Amendment Defense Act, I will sign it to protect the deeply held religious beliefs of Catholics and the beliefs of Americans of all faiths.”

Trump will be under enormous pressure to backtrack. Under the influence of his daughter Ivanka and her husband, he has already succumbed to pressure to keep President Obama’s executive order affirming special rights for homosexuals and transgendered people.

This insidious movement that has high-level supporters in the Trump White House and the media can only succeed by distorting the clear meaning of words and creating “fake news” about so-called progressive cultural change.

Consider what it means to be “morally straight,” which is a phrase in the Scout oath. As Donohue’s booklet notes, the Official Boy Scout Handbook once explained the meaning of “morally straight” in the Boy Scout Oath in these terms: “[w]hen you live up to the trust of fatherhood your sex life will fit into God’s wonderful plan of creation. Fuller understanding of wholesome sex behavior can bring you lifelong happiness.”

This has been reinterpreted. The BSA now says, “You stay morally straight when you do the right thing and live your life with honesty.”

The new politically correct language cannot disguise what is happening here. Children have become guinea pigs in social experimentation that is endorsed by the “new class.”

Commenting on the BSA decision to admit girls who claim to be boys, John Stemberger, Chairman of the Board of Trail Life USA, a pro-morality alternative to BSA, said it was simply stunning. He explained, “…knowing that boys and biological girls will be showering, dressing and camping in tents together create a clear child protection issue which is being ignored.”

The decision of the BSA is indeed stunning. But it’s worse than stunning for adults to participate in this fundamental transformation of America’s youth. It’s morally disgraceful and corrupt. They are permitting children to be taken away from their parents and used as cannon fodder for the next phase of the Cultural Revolution. The children are being encouraged to use dangerous chemicals and surgeries in order to impersonate members of the opposite sex. The inevitable results will be mental and physical suffering, suicide and death.

In order to disguise the truly evil nature of what is happening, media like the Post and Times accept and promote “fake news” that girls are boys. It is fake news of the worst order, since the term distorts the nature of human sexuality and threatens the health and welfare of children and young people.

Next stop: the churches and religious believers. Will Trump buckle on that fight, too?

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


  1. The Boy Scouts! My kid was a Boy Scout. Best thing that ever happened to him. Amazon hired him out of a group of two dozen applicants. The tie-breaker: he was an Eagle Scout.

    Since then I’ve given this Scouts issue quite a bit of thought. There aren’t lots of comments here, so may I fill in? Thank you:

    When the Berlin Wall came down, the erstwhile Soviets finally realized that they couldn’t defeat the West militarily, so they rearranged their priorities: rather than concentrating on defeating America in Europe militarily, they focused instead on undermining and destroying America’s basic moral values. That tactic had always been in their bag of tricks, but after Berlin it became their #1 priority.

    Their long term plan (exposed in the Venona papers) became placing their ‘fellow travelers’ into positions of power and leadership in our schools, universities, and in our media outlets. That insidious infiltration has been going on for more than a quarter century now, and it’s harvesting a bumper crop of hatred for the things that made our country great.

    I recently took an American History class (for the knowledge, not for a degree). The professor played a newsreel from the 1930’s, showing a crowd protesting something about FDR’s ‘bank holiday’ (this was a newsreel from the Depression).

    The newsreel showed a mob of protesters carrying numerous, identical signs that said, “SMASH THE BOY SCOUTS!!” I asked the Prof why they hated the Scouts, but he claimed ignorance (he’s a big Lefty). But *I* know why: the signs were printed and distributed by the CPUSA. The Communists have always hated the Boy Scouts, specifically because of the moral guidance they instill.

    The Soviets have always understood that if a country loses its moral compass, it has no guiding standards. History is filled with examples of countries that lost their morality—and then quickly crashed and burned.

    The rejection of morality causes infighting among groups that have little in common. Once a country loses its morality, there’s no one who can say, “Stop it! Shame on you! What you’re doing is WRONG!”

    That’s because when there’s no morality, there’s no right or wrong.

    So now the media lionizes small groups of misfits and reprobates, writing glowing accounts of their actions while ignoring mainstream America—which is the target of those groups’ incessant, irrational and emotional hatred.

    For example, has anyone recently read a mainstream media article explaining what our country’s founders would think about a typical working American’s tax burden? What would America’s Founders say about federal, state, and local governments forcibly confiscating more than *half* of the average worker’s earnings?

    But we never see a point of view like that. Instead, over-taxed Americans are the subject of constant media scolding and finger-wagging. And the self-serving special interest groups that take our money still think they’re owed more! That bad attitude even extends to foreign migrants who are here illegally, and who also feel entitled to a big slice of our taxes.

    Ask yourself this: when have we ever heard them say, “Thanks!” Can anyone recall even one “Thank you” for our money, which is being shoveled into unaccountable pockets for their incessant ’causes’?

    I can’t recall a single instance of gratitude. Not one. They just take—but it’s never enough. And they hate us for it! But they still put their hand out for more. And they never, ever say, “Thanks.”

    These are the same groups that wanted President Hillary, so they could keep their gravy train on track. But we’ve never heard any of them say ‘Thank you’. All we ever got was hatred for our generosity… and they still wonder how an outsider could beat Hillary! …Duh.

    The media never reports our side. It never quotes a hard-bitten taxpayer saying something like, “I’m sorry about your issue, folks. But you see,we’re tapped out. So you’ll have to fix the problem yourself—like Americans always have in the past, when we were a ‘can-do’ country.”

    The media never gives the point of view of working folks; the folks who pay the freight. The clear message is: “Shut up and pay, chumps.”

    We’ve been the chumps for too long. President Trump is the reckoning.

    With Big Media’s complicity, Communists continue to attack America’s moral underpinning. The result is obvious; just look at where we are now. And scoundrels like George Soros throw gasoline on the flames, so his bought and paid for groups attack everything that made our country exceptional. They hate everything that made America the world’s most desirable country; people don’t jump fences to get into Cuba or Venezuela, do they?

    The media’s tactic is ‘divide and conquer’. With no morality, there is no right or wrong. The Soviet plan is working when they can force the Boy Scouts to give up the morality they’ve taught to young people over the past century. So now the Boy Scouts are forced to accept ‘transgender LBGTBWXYZ’ Scoutmasters, who can ‘accompany’ the boys on overnight trips to the mountains…

    The Soviets’ plan to destroy morality has been spectacularly successful. They’ve acheived more in the past 25 years than they did during the entire preceding eighty years. And they did it without firing a shot.

    Almost all American colleges and universities are now run and staffed by leftists (just try to find a single conservative in their Sociology or “________ Studies” departments). University Presidents routinely cave in to outrageous demands made by tiny minorities—so long as those demands attack our traditional values, and/or undermine American exceptionalism.

    But if the Young Republican chapter want to invite a Conservative speaker on campus, George Soros will pay protesters $15/hr to show up and make a scene. Then the university President predictably caves in, while making bogus excuses for defenestrating the 1st Amendment.

    Individual rights are also under attack, and ‘group rights’ are promoted instead. The Constituion protects individual rights, never ‘group’ rights. Because if a group has ‘rights’, the individual will always suffer because the group takes precedence over the individual.

    Rand wrote, “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” But like everything else espoused by the Left, “rights” has been perverted to mean exactly the opposite of what the Constitution clearly states.

    ‘Equal opportunity’ is another Constitutional perversion. That has morphed into ‘equality of results’. So ‘everyone must win a prize’. No more letter grades! ‘Self esteem’. And so on. George Orwell would understand.

    The Soviets have been equally successful infiltrating our media. Every television network, and every major city and national newspaper, and almost every national magazine is now controlled by just six (6) corporate entities.

    That’s why they all parrot the same talking points in unison. There’s a puppet master behind the curtain, orchestrating the Narrative. They preach ‘diversity’ incessantly, but diversity never applies to the media (except for the internet and a few radio stations, which are the remaining targets of the Left).

    The deliberate dumbing-down of students by the government’s .edu factories provides fertile ground for the media’s incessant drumbeat of misinformation that is being fed to today’s mouth-breathing leftist students. Those students have never taught any critical thinking skills (or any Civics, for that matter). But they are still 110% certain they are right, because they’ve never learned any competing ideas—and Professor Lefty is not about to expose them to any other points of view.

    So it’s no wonder that half the population head-nods along with the nightly news anchor babe’s one-sided ‘analysis’. They’re being spoon-fed the media’s leftist carp, and they eagerly swallow it for the simple reason that they’ve never been exposed to any other ideas. Milton? Jefferson? Smith? Locke? Madison? They just be Whitey opressers. Slave owners! What do they know?

    So they really believe they’re getting an honest account from the ‘news’ media. But has anyone ever seen a fair report on Donald Trump? According to the media, he’s absolutely a demon, so nothing he can say or do can possibly be good. Thetrefore every story reported about him must be all bad, all the time; it’s a given. And the same dumbed-down public buys it wholesale.

    But this is a guy who single-handedly defeated sixteen opponents in the Primaries (spending less than 10% of what they did), and then defeated a candidate for President who had just about the entire media establishment (and plenty of Republican carreer pols) on-board as her personal cheerleader. Democrats spent $billions in their failed attempt to elect her. So how could he possibly win??

    The answer is obvious: President Trump would be nothing without the support of millions of ordinary Americans. Therefore, Big Media and all the Soros-funded groups are hating on regular Americans. WE are the ones who deprived them of Obama 2.0. The truth is, they hate US. (But they still take our money, don’t they?)

    And of course WE are labeled “racists” by racist all-black groups, and by the all-Hispanic La Raza (“The Race”) types. If it wasn’t for their psychological projection and glaring hypocrisy, those folks wouldn’t have anything to say.

    There’s no doubt that every hour of Donald Trump’s past was thoroughly scrutinized; investigated with a fine-toothed comb. So, what did they find?

    They found nothing. Aside from the usual idiosyncrasies that outstanding individuals often have (in Trump’s case, flaunting his wealth), there was nothing comparable to HRC’s proven record of corruption, incompetence, and lying.

    Big Media covered for her. Worse, it acted as her personal campaign advisors, advertisers, and supporters in a truly underhanded attempt to force us farther down the same path we’ve been on for the past eight years.

    But amazingly, America dodged that bullet! Voters rejected ‘Obama 2.0’, and instead elected President Donald Trump! What are the odds, eh?

    So rather than being critical of DJT, please understand that no one is perfect, and that there is tremendous pressure on him to cave in. I doubt that anyone could constantly resist that pressure. He will make misteaks; he’s human, after all. But just think of what might have been…

    And finally, it’s astonishing to many of us that Trump is actually doing what he promised! Again, what are the odds? We’ve been conditioned to accept that carreer politicians will renege on their campaign promises just as soon as they’re elected. But for the most part, Trump is walking the walk.

    So don’t worry! Be happy! Because… it coulda been President Hillary. ?

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