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A Washington Post columnist writes, “The reality that many Republicans have still not come to terms with is this: that Barack Obama was elected and reelected, fair and square, and that the American public knew what it was doing.”

Obama was elected in 2008 after campaigning for office as a committed Christian. In office, Obama rarely goes to church and has been more sympathetic to global Islam than Christianity. He quotes from the Bible, such as he did in Dallas at the memorial service for the slain police officers, when it serves his political interests.

Obama and his campaign concealed his relationship with communist Frank Marshall Davis, with the connivance of the Post and other liberal media. This cover-up has continued.

Obama was re-elected in 2012 after lying to the American people about what caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. He blamed a video when, in fact, his own policies of supporting jihadist groups were responsible. The major media went along with the deception and are still actively covering for Hillary Clinton’s role in it.

If the truth had been told before the election, Obama likely would have lost.

Who is this guy, Barton Swaim, the Post columnist who has made all of these astounding and false claims? He looks like another fake conservative who is supposed to provide cover for illegal and unconstitutional liberal and left-wing policies.

His main qualification is that he used to work for the former scoundrel governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. Sanford is the politician who ditched his wife and kids (four boys), saying he was going hiking, and engaged in an extramarital affair with a Latina lover. Incredibly, Republicans then voted to make the disgraced politician a congressman.

The Post tells us that Swaim is author of the “acclaimed” 2015 memoir “The Speechwriter,” about his years on the staff of former Governor Sanford. This has somehow qualified him for a position as contributing columnist at the Post, where he will lecture conservatives and Republicans about how they should behave.

Turning his attention to Republican candidates for president, Swaim writes, “Those who supported or still support either Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) or Donald Trump frequently sound as if they think the Obama administration’s policies have been imposed on the U.S. citizenry against its will.”

Obama’s abuse of executive authority is an ongoing story. In the case that recently reached the Supreme Court on immigration, a lower court ruling was allowed to stand which stopped an Obama policy of accommodating more illegal aliens. Obama had simply acted like a dictator.

Swaim says that what has rattled Republicans so badly “is the swiftness with which American political culture has moved leftward and the wanton way in which the president and his administration have abetted it.” Finally, he gets it right. But this point contradicts his other claims.

The “wanton way” Obama has abetted the far-left drift has included more abuse of his own authority, such as using the Justice and Education Departments to dictate bathroom policy to local school districts. Despite the Constitution giving Congress the power to issue rules and regulations for the Armed Forces, Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter unilaterally orders cross-dressers into the military.

Obama encouraged the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage nationwide, and five of the nine justices did so. In this way the votes of the American people in the various states were simply declared null and void. It was an unconstitutional power grab by the Supreme Court, similar to the abortion decision of 1973.

The move to the left in the culture has been aided and abetted by major media in bed with the gay rights movement, such as in the case of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), financed by all of the major media.

It’s not fair and square when the media take sides against conservative and religious people, and favor the side of the debate that they want to win. What’s worse, the media conceal their own role in the debate and how their corporate employers finance the gay rights movement.

Swaim writes, “It’s largely true, in my view, that the Obama administration has encouraged American culture’s obsession with identity politics, made an already grossly overregulated and inefficient health-care market far worse, given new life to discredited fiscal policies and practiced a kind of deliberate naiveté in foreign affairs. But Americans asked for these things, and they would ask for them again if given the chance.”

When did people vote for identity politics, overregulation, an inefficient health care market, and deliberate naiveté in foreign affairs?

What’s more, how can deliberate naiveté be an explanation more than seven years into the Obama administration’s second term? And what is deliberate naiveté anyway? How does that explain the lying over Benghazi?

It looks like Barton Swaim is the deliberately naïve one.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.

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