Goodnight Republican Party… The Conservative Fight Continues

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I have not seen a true constitutional conservative in politics since Ronald Reagan… Ted Cruz is cut from the very same cloth that Reagan was. It was with shock and great sadness last night as I watched Donald Trump sweep Indiana and then Ted Cruz suspend his campaign. I have never wept over a political race, but I did so last night. I wept for the Republic and for the freedoms my grandchildren will never know now. But after I got over the sorrow, I got mad and decided the fight goes on.

A special thank you here to those who have fought so hard in this battle with me. My thanks to Senator Ted Cruz and his family… I will always be thankful for your efforts here and I look forward to fighting for conservatism with you in the future. Ted Cruz is a man of faith and principles. A good man and one I deeply admire. To my friend and fellow patriot, Trevor Loudon, who never wavered and never quit fighting, thank you for being my battle buddy and friend. To Denise Simon, who is not only a friend and a patriot, but one of the most brilliant national security analysts I have ever known – you are someone who I lean on and trust implicitly. To Arlen Williams of Gulag Bound… a friend through thick and thin and someone who is far above my pay grade intellectually… I owe him more than I can ever repay. Lloyd Marcus was one of the hardest working patriots out there and a true man of faith and principle. I am also honored to call him my friend.

I’m also going to echo Trevor here and thank others: Rep. Steve King, Greg Cummings and Steve Deace from Iowa. Garry Hamilton, Ben Shapiro, John Hawkins, Jenny Beth Martin, Ann-Marie Murrell, Dana Loesch, Benjamin Weingarten, Shona, Thomas, Jack and Danita, Mike Michaels, Manny Roman, Pastor Greg Young, John King from Florida, Bryan from Idaho, Bill and Regina from Colorado, our New Hampshire friends, Curtis Bowers and his amazing family, Renee Nal and Sparky & Angela from the TK Radio Network!

To others I consider friends and fellow conservative patriots – Eric Erickson and the crew from Red State, Mark Levin, Michael Harrington, Torin Archbold, Mark Prasek, John Daniels of TavernKeepers and SooperMexican from the Right Scoop.

A huge shout-out too to Glenn Beck and his team. True American heroes all. All of you are the very best and I am honored to stand with you. There are many others I didn’t mention and I haven’t forgotten you. I thank all of you and I will still fight alongside you.

In case anyone has any doubts out there, I will never, ever vote for Trump. Not after all that has happened. Not after the massive shifting of positions on every subject. Not after the nastiness, the lies and the vileness. No way, no how. I will be joined by millions as well. People say, ‘then you are voting for Hillary’. No, I’m not. I’m choosing not to be a part of the final nail in the coffin of the Republic. I will not vote for a monster to keep a demon out. I view Trump as Hillary in drag. To me, there is just about no difference.

The Republicans have now thrown behind a reality TV thug, who is already using mafia tactics to bully everyone in his way. The media, including Fox News, sold out to him long ago. A man who is for massive tariffs and taxation which will plunge us into a greater depression. A man who is for eminent domain, abortion, gun control, censorship, a pathway to citizenship, Obamacare, Common Core and negotiation with the New Axis of Evil: Iran, Russia and China. He’s also for the dismantlement of NATO and the baring of Europe’s throat to Russia. A man who says he will honor the agreement with Iran. A man who dictates what companies can and can’t do. Well done America… you just ensured we will either get a stone cold Marxist or a fascist as our next president.

My friend Larry Correia said it better than I can, so I’m going to quote his Facebook post from last night:

Well, we’re boned. It’s going to be huckster fraud democrat against lying criminal democrat.

Half the GOP hates the jackass. Question now is what percentage of us stay home or make a 3rd party protest vote. All those crossover democrats who voted for that orange half wit in the primaries will go back to voting democrat in the general election. He thinks young Bernie voters are going to vote for him? Fool.

I’ve voted republican in every election of my adult life. I’ve volunteered and donated money. I can’t in good conscience vote for this vile populist demagogue. If even a few percentage points of the GOP feels the same way, that’s it. He’s toast in the general.

So he energizes the democrats, so they’ll feel like they are fighting tyranny (now comes the great part where all the fawning media coverage turns on him) and he demotivates the republican base.

All the kid glove BS from this season is over. Every vile nasty stupid thing he has ever done will be covered 24/7. By November he will be the most laughed at and despised candidate in history. Because he makes it too easy.

So the classless boor probably loses to the sea hag. Not that it matters too much, since they’d both govern as authoritarian democrats, only one has more nationalist rah rah thrown in.

Spare me the nonsense about lesser evils and SCOTUS judges. He won’t make it that far. And by some miracle, like Hillary has a stroke, this rambling ignoramus wins, he would still screw that up somehow in his one term. Big question is does he suck enough to take the GOP with him?

And if you think he is going to actually build a wall, you are a sucker.

Did I love Cruz? No. Because I was hiring an employee, not a god. He was the least likely to rape the Constitution. Instead we get an authoritarian, who is either lying, or made it to 70 before understanding basic American principles about liberty.

You ignorant low information bastards. Motivated by fear and anger, you overlooked every gain made over the last few cycles, and traded it in to a lying huckster democrat for some magic beans. So you could stick it to the establishment, by electing the shit bird who funded them.

Edit to add, don’t bother posting to argue. We are past that. Now we batten down the hatches and get ready for the suck. If you want to gloat, you are an idiot who doesn’t realize what you have wrought. If you feel disrespected, good. You should.

I too have voted Republican my entire adult life. I am now officially done with the Republicans. They won’t miss me and will say good riddance… fine. They are basically the same as the Dems now. Both are Progressive Marxists. Larry is right, Trump will not keep his promises and anyone who thinks so is deluded. I will work towards a new constitutional conservative party and with other true patriots. I will not support or condone this populism that is certain death for our country.

Anyone who could sit through Fox and Friends and Sean Hannity yesterday and agree in silence as they allowed Trump to smear Cruz’s dad, Rafael Cruz, as being a part of the Kennedy assassination, are beyond redemption. It’s an utter lie, just as calling Cruz the Zodiac killer is. That piece of slander will follow Cruz’s kids through their entire lives… it’s monstrously shameful.

Every dirty thing about Trump will be exposed through the media now. Since so many will sit out now, I look for Hillary to win the election. So, we will get at least another four years of Barack Obama. Just enough time to finish us off. To stack the Supreme Court with liberals, trash the Constitution once and for all and to negotiate us off a cliff. So be it. I will fight until I can fight no more.

We move on to the next phase where we fight against both parties and try to salvage what we can. As Mark Levin says, these are dark times, but we will fight our way through. Batten down the hatches and prepare to embrace the suck as Larry says. Because here it comes.


  1. Forgive me if I don’t believe your crocodile tears for Mr. Cruz. Cruz is no more conservative than Bernie Sanders. Please research Cruz and his wife, Heidi. They have been involved in politics since the Bush administration where they met. So much for being an outsider. Also, see Heidi’s employment with One World Government organizations hoping to do to Canada, Mexico, and the USA what Soros has done to the EurPublished on Feb 18, 2016
    Heidi Cruz the wife of Senator Ted Cruz, is affiliated with an organization that’s trying to build an EU style government right here in North America and take away our sovereignty. So how is it that she’s so actively involved in her husband’s campaign when he vehemently opposes her views. Well I’m going to expose some truths about this organization and the Cruz’s relationship.

    In 2004, Heidi became a member of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region. Or what Lou Dobbs called the North American Union. The council on foreign relations, the CFR promotes globalization, free trade, the reduction of financial regulations on transnational corporations and economic consolidation into regional blocks such as NAFTA and the European Union. That’s right, these are the same guys that promoted NAFTA.

    In 2005, the CFR published a document called Building a North American Community. Within the report the task force proposes the creation of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity. The Report recommends the development of a North American border pass and action plan allowing citizens of the three countries to expedite passage through customs, immigration, and airport security within the region. They want to quote “Lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America. They say the three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the government’s’ physical control of cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America. Yeah uh in English this means let’s let all the Mexicans freely cross the border into the United States.

    It’s very interesting, right? Ted Cruz is on the complete opposite side of his wife’s view and her participation in The Council of Foreign Relations. In fact during his run for the senate he was asked about the CFR and he’s quoted as saying they are a pernicious nest of snakes that is working to undermine our sovereignty.

    But Heidi Cruz, has relentlessly been campaigning for her husband. And we’re not just talking about event appearances. She’s quoted as saying she’s made over 600 phone calls to potential donors in the first quarter of the campaign alone. No other candidate’s partner has ever stumped for their husband or wife like Heidi Cruz has for Ted. So what is it? What does Heidi Cruz get out of Ted Cruz winning the election, when it goes against her very own political ideologies?

    You have to start asking yourself what’s the agenda here. Ted Cruz wants to deport all the migrants but his wife wants an open door policy and free travel between countries. At some point you have to ask is Ted Cruz a secret advocate for the North American Union? How can two people who share the same bed, are diametrically opposed to each other’s stance on immigration, be so single mindedly focused on getting into the White House.

    You know years ago Bill Clinton let it slip that he and Hillary made a pact that she would support his presidential run which would pave the road for her to run in the future. In fact they even discussed which one of them should run first. This Cruz relationship sounds all too familiar and I’m predicting right now that if Ted Cruz does get into office and lord have mercy on us all if that happens but if it does I believe he’ll switch to support her initiative and we’ll be looking at four years of our sovereignty being dissolved.
    Posted by Norman Alderman at 3:31 AM
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    BlogThis!.ope corridor creating a Europe Union.

    • Arlen Williams says

      “Approved” this misinformed screed to show how twisted up in propaganda Americans’ sort of conservatives can get.

      • We should be suspicious of a man married to a former cfr member.
        BTW, Reagan betrayed Christian conservatives by putting two pro-abortion judges on the supreme court and running up a huge federal deficit.

        • Arlen Williams says

          Yeah, yeah… so suspicious that instead we nominate a megalomaniac?

          1. We’ve covered the alleged globalism of the Cruz couple.

          2. Who in the world could anyone better count on to nominate good SCOTUS justices than Ted Cruz?

          We need to stop being such scantily clad warriors and learn how to find the truth.

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