Trump’s Incoherent, Inconsistent, Russian-Loving Foreign Policy

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Far be it from me to agreed with a Marxist, but CNN’s Fareed Zakaria did a great job listing just how incoherent and inconsistent Donald Trump’s foreign policy is.

He listed everything except for the gem where Trump touted that 9/11 was a tragedy because Italians died in it.

Trump used a prepared speech and teleprompters yesterday. He mispronounced ‘Tasmania’ and stumbled left and right. He talked about reducing weapon stockpiles. He talked about not getting in further conflicts, but he would still defeat ISIS. That makes no sense. He chooses a slogan of ‘America First!’ that was a slogan in the 1930’s for the Nazis in America to keep us from fighting the Germans. No one knows how to use Google in the Trump camp evidently. He also talks about the Cold War ending… it never did… it shifted. Trump’s speech was a disaster all in itself.

My friend Denise Simon noted several things yesterday… I have no doubt that Donald Trump is firmly in bed with Russia. He had the Russian Ambassador sitting in the front row of his speech. He has a campaign manager who represented Russian interests. He has foreign policy advisers that are friendly to Russia. Trump himself is fond of Putin and can ‘negotiate’ with him. You see, Trump is even more flexible than Obama was.


Remember it was only recently that Russia has been more than provocative in reckless actions against a US destroyer and US military aircraft. This is a violation of the IncSea Treaty. This is not the first time either, noting Russian bombers off the West Coast and the same with our European allies. What about the Baltic States, Crimea or Ukraine? Anything?

What about the constant war in the cyber realm? Trump did mention artificial intelligence, does he know what that is? What about electronic or economic warfare?

al Qaeda, Boko Harem, Haqqani, Jabhat al-Nusra, Houthis? Nah….the plight of Jews and Christians, Yazidis, Peshmerga? Standing with France on their recent attacks? Nothing about China’s aggression with the new islands and fighter jets there?


Trump made a mere simple reference to Iran and their nuclear program, stating they will never have a nuclear weapon and the Joint Plan of Action was a bad deal. How come no reference to Iran being a violator of conventions, a rogue state sponsor of terror? Nothing about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp or Hezbollah or IED’s made by Iran that killed and maimed our soldiers? What about Iran’s collusion with North Korea? Anything on that? No…

Not a peep about the New Axis of Evil between Russia, China and Iran. Mark my words… Trump’s foreign policty will be protectionist and will withdraw us from the global chessboard. It will be more like Obama’s and Clinton’s game plan than Reagan’s.

Reads the text of Trump’s America First speech here.

Trump is supporting Russia who has repeatedly buzzed our ships and planes. The latest of which was a Russian MiG-31 jet that flew within 50 feet of a US surveillance aircraft in Northeast Asia last week. Trump will negotiate us right into being stomped by Russia, China and Iran. Those who think there is not an alliance between those countries are delusional.

Iran is preparing to conduct a major ballistic missile test in February 2017, following the inauguration of the next US president into the Oval Office, according to a timetable issued by the Islamic Republic. What will Trump do on that front? Negotiate us into not getting nuked? Get real.

Trump’s speech yesterday alarmed our allies as it should have. They fear a further retreat by America from the world stage and why shouldn’t they? That is what Trump is promising… not that I look for the man to keep any promise he has ever made.

Germany had this to say: “I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. “The world’s security architecture has changed and it is no longer based on two pillars alone. It cannot be conducted unilaterally,” he said of foreign policy in a post-Cold War world. “No American president can get round this change in the international security architecture…. ‘America first’ is actually no answer to that.” Not exactly comforting from an ally. Germany has major problems, but alienating them since they are at the forefront of Europe is incredibly reckless. Whereas, I disagree with the post-Cold War nonsense, Trump’s fascist slogan says it all. He’s mixed populism and nationalism in a dangerous mix that removes America from leadership on a global scale.

Want more? Listen to Sweden… Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister who served as UN envoy to the Balkans in the aftermath of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s, said he heard Trump’s speech as “abandoning both democratic allies and democratic values.”

“Trump had not a word against Russian aggression in Ukraine, but plenty against past US support for democracy in Egypt,” Bildt said on Twitter, referring to lines from Trump’s speech that criticized the Barack Obama administration for withdrawing support for autocrat Hosni Mubarak during a 2011 uprising.

Whereas, I agree that the NATO alliance needs to each pay their fair share, Trump has called for the ending of NATO that would leave Europe totally at Putin’s mercy. And he has them on his dance card.

From South Korea comes this: Former South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Sung-han, who now teaches at the Korea University in Seoul, said Trump would be “the first isolationist to be [a] US presidential candidate, while in the post-war era all the US presidents have been to varying degrees internationalists.”

“Saying the US will no longer engage in anything that is a burden in terms of its relationships with allies, it would be almost like abandoning those alliances,” he said. “It will inevitably give rise to anti-American sentiment worldwide.”

And Britain: Xenia Wickett, head of the US and Americas Programme at Britain’s Chatham House think tank, said the speech “suggests Trump would make America’s allies less secure rather than more.

“He talked about allies being confident but all of his rhetoric suggested that America should be unpredictable and that America’s allies needed to stand up for themselves.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have no love lost for the EU. They are full of moronic, Islamic-sympathizing elitists. But we can’t just abandon them to the Caliphate and the New Axis of Evil. That’s insane.

And if you were confused by Trump’s speech yesterday, you are not alone.

From TheBlaze on Jake Tapper’s reaction:

After listening to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy pitch Wednesday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said he doesn’t “fully understand” what the billionaire businessman was proposing when it comes to the war against the Islamic State.

Speaking with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the CNN host called Trump out for ironically criticizing U.S. policy incoherence while “some people have trouble finding coherence with his foreign policy.”

But there was one policy proposal in particular Tapper told Flynn he found to be “completely contradictory,” and that was Trump’s comments on dealing with the Islamic State, of which the GOP candidate said, “Their days are numbered.”

“I don’t fully understand the contradiction that he seems to propose when it comes to going after ISIS even tougher than they’re being pursued now while also not getting involved in another war in the Middle East,” Tapper said. “That seems to be completely contradictory.”

In response, Flynn told Tapper that Trump’s sole purpose is “winning.”

Really? Because I didn’t think that just by saying “winning,” it made it so. If that were true, no one would have ever lost a war out there. How dangerously stupid can you get? Here’s the video from Jake Tapper:

Trump is a negotiator. That is not a winning recipe for being a world leader. Negotiation typically ends in war and loss of said war. Look at Neville Chamberlain. He negotiated the world right into WWII.

Trump will not live up to anything he has promised. He has changed his stance on every issue. The man is for eminent domain, abortion, a pathway to citizenship, nuclear reduction, higher taxation, Obamacare and Common Core. So-called conservatives have sold out because they are angry and want a strong man. They want another French Revolution complete with guillotines at the ready. First, that is so very wrong. Second, that is not what they will get. Trump will turn on them and tell them he had to negotiate and this is how you do business. That’s if he gets elected. Frankly, I see no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I fear the reality check on this one will finish us off. It will certainly doom the Republican Party.

People couldn’t wait to line up and offer their souls to Donald Trump. This isn’t a reality TV show… it’s the last stand for America. We should be lining up in droves behind Ted Cruz, who is the constitutional conservative we have waited decades for. But as one person told me recently, constitutional conservatives don’t matter anymore. Well, they do to me and I will stand by them to the end. Trump’s foreign policy and the rest of his pantheon of stances truly ring hollow and are frightening. I fear America is about to make a fatal mistake of epic proportions.


  1. charlesmountain says

    I can hear the crickets…

    May God be of comfort as you slowly trudge to the wrong side of history.

    Denying Cruz’s glaring ineligibly is sheer intellectual dishonesty.

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