Photograph their Families! Trump Ally Gary Forbes Plans to Brutalize Delegates, GOP Leadership

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal


Forbes warns delegates to vote for Trump or “expect an extremely vicious response…”

We want each at-risk delegate, while in Cleveland, to receive urgent phone calls from their families and neighbors, that there is a massive demonstration happening in their front yard, with protesters waving signs that are warning that they not betray us. Keep the demonstrations peaceful, as long as that delegate does not switch his/her vote.” – Gary Forbes

It is time for Trump supporters to loudly denounce some of the very questionable behavior of Gary Forbes of “The Forbes Group,” who has been making some bizarre and frightening comments on his websites concerning GOP leaders and delegates across America who he feels are betraying Donald Trump.

Gary Forbes’ connection, if any, to Donald Trump is unclear. However, Forbes has appeared to make it his business to stump for Trump with memes, lots and lots of memes, that go out all over social media from his website or Twitter account, often using the very active hashtag #dtmag.

Many of these memes are blatant lies or just excruciatingly strange.

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  1. His real name is Gary Pasquariello. He’s a failed new aged pianist with no connection to the Forbes Family and now apparently is conning people on behalf of Trump.

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