When Cruz is President, De Blasio is Done!


Boom! This is exactly why Ted Cruz should be president. In his new ad, Cruz is putting de Blasio on notice. When Cruz becomes president, de Blasio’s policies are through and his days are numbered. Not only will Cruz end sanctuary cities and the cop hating ways of de Blasio… he’s going after corrupt politicos like the mayor of New York City and de Blasio is definitely on Cruz’s naughty list. Cruz has just become de Blasio’s number one nightmare and enemy. He’s campaigning against Cruz and for his good buddy Trump. Why not? Trump is cut from the same cloth that de Blasio is. Fear the Cruz, Bill… he’s a commie hunter.

Ted Cruz1

From The Right Scoop:

Ted Cruz is out with a new radio ad for New York, ripping Mayor de Blasio for his socialist policies that are tearing New York City apart and telling voters to vote Cruz to send a message to De Blasio:


I like how the ad takes a very controversial tone with De Blasio, making sure voters understand the chasm of difference between Cruz and Trump. After all it was Trump that basically endorsed de Blasio for Mayor:

These two radio ads are simply awesome and they tell you all you need to know about de Blasio and Trump. All these faux conservatives that are rallying behind Trump are supporting someone who endorses radicals and communists like Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton. It says a lot about Cruz’s backbone… he knows he will lose in New York because of liberals. But instead of pandering to them, he’s doubling down on his conservatism. That’s my kind of candidate. There is no comparison between Cruz and Trump. One is a constitutional conservative, the other is not. Trump’s an opportunist. He will tell you that giving the thumb’s up do de Blasio is just part of doing business. Will the same apply when he doesn’t keep his promises on the border, the wall, illegal immigration, refugees and everything else? It was just business… it was just politics. Not with Cruz. With him it’s the Constitution and character. Good hunting, Mr. Cruz. Take it to Washington.

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