Open Letter to Christian Leaders: This is THE TIME to Support Ted Cruz

Cross on Mojave Desert's Sunrise Rock, VFW, photo via NPR, Liberty Legal Foundation

Cross on Mojave Desert’s Sunrise Rock, VFW, defended by Ted Cruz, photo via NPR, Liberty Legal Foundation

Very early this morning after the Houston GOP debate, I sent this note to three Evangelical leaders of national prominence. It is brief and self-explanatory. So far, it has been checked as read by one of them. Feel encouraged to forward to other Christians.

Dear senior brothers,

I was astounded to hear from Megyn Kelly on Fox News last night that certain Evangelical backers of Ted Cruz are considering shifting support to Marco Rubio (eager author of Gang of Eight and of also eagerly, Cap and Trade legislation in Florida, super-interventionist war hawk).

It would be politically traitorous to allow such talk to go on before Super Tuesday. Sen. Cruz will win Texas and will finish higher than Sen. Rubio in southern states. Rubio is far behind in every state, even his home state of Florida.

Further, if Cruz (not Rubio) were to drop out, at least half of his support would tend to go to Donald Trump.

Polls have shown that Cruz has more backing nationwide than Rubio and both beat Trump handily in one-on-one polling.

Please quash such talk. We must not have Sunshine Patriots sabotaging the Cruz campaign in this most critical hour for supporting him.

Regards in Christ,
Arlen Williams

I tend to smell a smell in the rumor mill. Could it be longstanding neocon pied piper for globalist pols, Ralph Reed? Just asking.


  1. This came before…

    • Before Christians decide on whether to vote for Ted Cruz, they should consider his views on Dominionism, since those views contrast sharply with traditional Evangelical perspectives. These are not views on the margin of true Christianity. They are, in my view, outside those margins and have more in common with Islamism than either Christianity or Judaism. A summary of those views, as explained by Ted Cruz’ father and Mormon supporter Glenn Beck, can be found at
      If Ted Cruz does manage to become the GOP presidential candidate, then his views on Dominionism will be highlighted by the media to such an extent that they will taint the description “Evangelical Christianity” in a profound way. Indeed, it is likely to so corrupt that term, that it will be impossible to it use as a description of true Christianity for the foreseeable future.

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