Purported Gulf Water Analysis: Corexit Contaminated (video)

Gulf water outside Grand Isle, Louisiana tests highly poisonous, due to Nalco Corexit, according to this report by James C. Fox — many times the level toxic to fish.

7/6/2010 video, “Oil/Water samples from Gulf…VERY TOXIC”

It must be remembered, the effects of Corexit’s intended use are different from the effects of out of the barrel Corexit. It breaks up mixed and congealed crude oil into its toxic component chemicals, doing in part, the work of an oil refinery. These chemicals then become more freely interspersed with the oceanic water.

When this happens, different chemicals in the sea water also assume different states of buoyancy and miscibility with the water and more can evaporate into the air we breathe.

Why use a dispersant instead of removing the oil while in its more natural, mixed, and cohesive state, therefore, safer and easier to remove?

A very important question.

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