White House Aides Alone, Owe IRS $831,000

So begins a bit of actual journalism in the Los Angeles Times (and Washington Post – whodathunkit?)

41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes — and they’re not alone

September 10, 2010 |  2:54 am

Democrat president Barack Obama addresses his staff in the Oval Office-file

Over the years a lot of suspicion has built up across the country about Washington and its population of opportunistic transients coming to see themselves as a special kind of person, somehow above average working Americans who don’t work down in that former swamp.

Well, finally, an end to all those undocumented doubts. Thanks to some diligent digging by the Washington Post, those suspicions can at last be put to rest.

They’re correct. Accurate. Dead-on. Laser-guided. On target. Bingo-bango. As clear as it’s always seemed to those Americans who don’t feel special entitlements and do meet their government obligations.

We now know that federal employees across the nation owe fully $1 billion in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

#YouMightbeaDogif the newspapers are starting to soak in, what you let out.

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