UPDATE: Paris Agreement Adopted | Pray the Paris Climate Conference Doesn’t Spawn an Agreement


Saturday, December 12, the Paris Climate Change Agreement is Unanimously Adopted

The instigators of this evil surely know it is extremely doubtful for the worldwide climate to increase by two degrees Celsius. That is a straw man. Thus, they will be able to say they are accomplishing their mission, as they take further steps of destroying national sovereignties and personal freedoms for the sake of their attempt to gain a global, thoroughly controlled empire.

God is allowing the pythons to continue to wrap and the talons to grip deeper. Perhaps he is waiting for His People and those He seeks, to enter into the pain necessary for attention and attitudes to actually and adequately turn to Him.

This is one more transnational agreement that the People of the United States of America must now oppose and defeat within our own borders. Concurrently, the voracious power mongers of globalism will continue to press for the massively coercive and extortive teeth of this agreement to grow, which during the negotiating process had to be converted from “shalls” to “shoulds.”

Climate Change We’ll Be Forced To Believe In… 196 Countries Approve 1st Global Climate Pact | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

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the clutching hand

the clutching hand

As in previous United Nations climate agreement talks, this week’s conference in Paris is encountering conflict between wealthy and poorer nations. It threatens to sweep their sweeping agreement into the ancient Paris sewer system. They have extended its deadline to this Saturday.

We can pray a solution isn’t found in these next few hours that will lock the entire world into one giant leap toward the ultimate imperialism of one-world government. I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. We can pray.

To understand the evils of opening the door to further global government, whether based upon the Big Scare of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (which beyond beneficial, is utterly necessary) or whatever other pretext, I suggest firstly reading about the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament, secondly in the New Testament, the attempt to bring the world back together before Christ. Then, thirdly, one can turn to the Agenda 21 articles in Gulag Bound, perhaps beginning with “The Plan: Agenda 21, Death Knell of Liberty.”

Tonight’s snapshot in Paris this weekend:

Paris Climate Change Negotiations To Enter An Extra Day

Amid Disputes, Critical Paris Climate Talks Run Overtime

Climate deal imminent, France says, in ‘step forward for humanity’


  1. BBC is live blogging:

    Session in process, live broadcast with translation: http://www.bbc.com/news/live/science-environment-34922775

    Climate deal text ‘agreed’ in Paris – BBC News

  2. Meanwhile, in the District of Columbia…
    Cruz Climate Hearing Puts Data over Dogma

  3. At the conference Secretary of State John Kerry calls everyone in the world “our citizens.” He encourages the process to go on. (See “teeth” in the top update of the entry.)

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