Ben Carson Begins Shedding Conservatism Even Before Primaries?

BenCarsonBefore my fellow conservatives jump immediately to defend Candidate Carson, I would ask that they read the following short column.

Some years ago, I became aware of the extraordinary and remarkable career of Dr. Benjamin Carson via the 2009 movie “Gifted Hands”…a film in which Cuba Gooding, Jr. portrayed the doctor. I even talked about him to my friend and colleague Laurie Roth who, subsequently, interviewed him on her Radio show.

Dr. Carson seemed to be an honorable man, conservative and true to his word. However, since he officially began his campaign for the position of POTUS, something appears to have happened to the image of him I once held…something that leaves me feeling ill at ease. And, no…this has nothing to do with the patently false Politico article about him. This has to do with real issues and problems surrounding Dr. Carson’s campaign about which the media are aware…but, are largely not reporting. Let’s take a look.

Farrakhan-obamaCarson-Williams and Nation of Islam

Dr. Carson attracted and maintains Armstrong Williams—Carson’s business manager, leading African-American owner of television stations and self-avowed conservative—as his top aide and adviser. Both Williams and Carson have spoken out against Islam. However, on 5 October 2015 Williams actually wrote a column praising and supporting Nation of Islam entitled “The Nation of Islam could be Chicago’s savior.”

On his Radio show in Armstrong also hosted his friend Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam’s Million Man March 20th anniversary event. Armstrong said “Let’s learn from them!” Learn from them? Learn from Farrakhan’s own statements that terrorism must be used to kill all white people and destroy the USA? Learn from a group of people who preach hatred and violence? Don’t believe me? See the sample video included at the end of this column. Farrakhan is an inherently evil man bent—as is his avowed master Lucifer…aka Allah—upon destroying all of God/s work…including humanity.

censorship1[1]Carson to use Department of Education as his hammer

Sounding more like his would-be predecessor, Dr. Ben Carson said he has no intention of getting rid of the Dept. of Education. Instead, he would remake it into a policing-type organization that monitors the speech of professors and others at universities and colleges to ensure that bias is not practiced. Suffice it to say, this would be bias which Dr. Carson considers to be bias and the definition could—and likely would—change as does the good doctor’s whims. This is totalitarian thinking, folks…and it’s chillingly coming from Candidate Carson.

From; some things even he gets sort of right

From; some things even he gets sort of right – AW, GB

Carson is all for the TPP!

Last Friday, Carson proclaimed that he supported the Obama White House in its plan to force the Trans-Pacific Partnership down the throats of US citizens…a deal that would provide one of the last nails in the coffin of US sovereignty. In a short few months, Ben Carson has gone from faux conservative hero (I’m beginning to believe his prayer breakfast speech was staged with NWO permission if not direction) to likely left of Karl Marx. We have to watch what people do, folks, not just listen to what they say.

Carson has said he’s Christian but, his top advisor supports Nation of Islam and is friends with the man who is calling for the overthrow of the USA and genocide of white people! We have to wake up. Do we really want another Obama? More and more, Dr. Carson really is looking like a Trojan Horse. Why are the media not hitting him on these items and, instead, publishing information they know is patently false? Have the media been given instruction not to attack Carson on his radical Islamic ties and totalitarian comments? The media refused to truly vet the last POTUS and look what happened to us and our country. Like it or not, we must look at reality and the truth…even if it is uglier than we like. And, we must earnestly begin understanding reality and truth.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand
–Daniel 12: 10

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