Republicans Help MSNBC Create ‘Global Citizens’

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Stephen Colbert, Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, were among those appearing at the Global Citizen Festival on September 26, broadcast by cable channel MSNBC.

Incredibly, despite the left-wing slant of the event, Republican Senators Thad Cochran (MS) and Bob Corker (TN) lent their names to the Honorary Congressional Host Committee for the gathering, while Republican Rep. Charlie Dent (PA) was listed as a participant.

Labeled as an effort to eradicate poverty by 2030, the movement to create “global citizens” is actually designed to make the U.N. into a world government to manage a transition to a new worldwide economic system. It’s being called “sustainable development” but amounts to a system of global socialism—redistributing wealth from the United States to the rest of the world.

By the standards of this group, ordinary American citizens are considered greedy consumers, who, according to socialist presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), have too many choices of deodorant and sneakers. He believes a central government should decide on what should be produced and for whom.

The Global Citizen Festival takes this theory of centralized planning to the international level.

In an Orwellian version of “Uncle Sam Wants You,” MSNBC had announced that “MSNBC wants YOU to become a Global Citizen.” Their live coverage of the event, which was held in New York City’s Central Park, was hosted by Alex Wagner, Willie Geist and Janet Mock, and included performances by Pearl Jam and Beyoncé.

Officially, the Global Citizen Festival was supposed to promote 17 Global Goals, also known as Sustainable Development Goals, including that of taking “climate action” to address “climate change.” This was not defined in specific terms, but in December the U.N. holds a climate conference intended to produce a new treaty, which Obama supporters say he plans to implement through executive action, bypassing Congress.

When Pope Francis spoke to the United Nations on Friday, member countries officially “adopted” these Global Goals, which are supposed to be implemented by 2030.

However, the U.S. Congress has not been consulted or asked for a vote on the global agenda, and Republican leaders have been silent about the United Nations attempting to implement on a global basis what Congress has not passed in the form of legislation.

Republican Congressional leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner, gave Pope Francis a chance to promote aspects of the global agenda when he spoke to the Congress on Thursday. In his address, the pope referred to his encyclical on climate change, “Laudato Si’,” and urged action “to avert the most serious effects of the environmental deterioration caused by human activity.” He added, “I am convinced that we can make a difference and I have no doubt that the United States—and this Congress—have an important role to play.”

Yet Congress has not been called upon to accept, or reject, the “global goals” adopted by the Obama administration at the U.N.

Despite congressional silence, or acquiescence in the cases of Republican Senators Cochran and Corker and Rep. Dent, the U.N.’s goal of global socialism is out in the open, although few in the media even mention it. However, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, has said publicly that the plan is to begin “the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, [changing] the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.” The period 2015 to 2030 is when this transition from oil and gas is supposed to occur. The plan is nothing less than the overthrow of the global capitalist system that is powered by the use of energy and resources for the benefit of humankind.

Veering off into another cause dear to the hearts of the far-left, among the individuals providing on-stage video messages and commitments, was Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia who just signed a “peace deal” in Havana with the Colombian narco-terrorists known as the FARC, who have been waging war on his country for 40 years.

Santos was actually photographed making the deal while holding hands with Cuban President Raúl Castro and a top FARC commander.

Former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe called the deal a surrender to terrorism and says it gives Marxist guerrillas an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and infiltrate the political system.

With “peace” breaking out all over without a peep from Republicans in Congress, those using Google Chrome as a search engine on September 25 found a notice on the bottom of the Internet page urging people to click on a link to learn more about the U.N.’s global goals to “end poverty, climate change, and injustice.” That link led to the U.N.’s “sustainable development goals.”

As the channel leading the effort, MSNBC declared that through its partnership with the Global Citizen Festival it was “committed to connecting our audience with the stories and values that bring purpose and action to our global community.” This clearly means more media manipulation and liberal bias, in order to make the U.N., a body always plagued by corruption, appear to be worthwhile.

In addition to MSNBC, other media properties sponsoring or broadcasting the event included NBC News and CNBC.

Additional corporate partners include The Huffington Post, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Wikipedia, which together have the ability to influence and propagandize the American people with pro-U.N. messages.

Not to be outdone, movie theaters around the country and the world promoted the so-called “Global Goals Campaign” through a 60-second ad narrated by Liam Neeson (as the voice of God), and featuring animated creatures (as U.N. officials) calling on the nations of the world to “defeat climate change.”

But that’s not all. “We’re working to get the Global Goals onto every website and billboard, broadcast on every TV station and radio station, in every cinema and classroom, pinned to every community noticeboard and sent to every mobile phone,” the movement announced.

So look for America’s young people to get indoctrinated about the “global goals,” perhaps through Common Core.

We are truly witnessing a massive international campaign, using most major organs of the media, to “fundamentally transform” the world.

But there’s more. While socialist Bernie Sanders has been quick to attack the “billionaire class” on the campaign trail, those behind this new global citizen movement being put at the service of the U.N. proudly insisted that a grand total of 137 billionaires had “pledged to use their money for good” in the future, undoubtedly by giving more money to far-left and pro-U.N. causes.

It was announced that something called the “Giving Pledge,” defined as “a campaign that encourages the wealthiest people in the world to give most of their wealth to philanthropic causes,” had “been signed by 137 billionaire or former billionaire individuals or couples.” It was originally announced in 2010 by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was among the “notable younger pledgers.”

Zuckerberg was also among the attendees at Friday night’s White House state dinner for Xi Jingping, the President of Communist China.

This crowd has apparently decided to ignore the lack of human freedom in China, and regards the communist regime as a trustworthy player to bring about a new global state.


  1. It reminds me how a person who is tone deaf tries to sing. Imagine that? Funny, hah? Now, how a nation that was tasked with practical matters from its birth would navigate through life WITHOUT Professional Truth Hunters…you think? With just a tiny ratio of Jeff Nyquists and Cliff Kincaids per capita (the most important “per capita” indicator to measure health of a society)? This is the ONLY industrialized nation whose societal pyramid is truncated. The MOST important people that are the Poet and the Philosopher, that in normal societies are the crown jewel are simly …..hmm…how do I say that to be politically correct…missing! Missing! The very Spitirual Guides, who are supposed to avert the overfed, overentertained and the purposeless from the mass grave where those “narrow specialists” are always headed, following yet another eloquent walking inferiority complex – is simply MISSING! Here we come to a very important issue of WORDS. Most Americans are not very good with English…they do NOT register the most important opposites, whose struggle drives the human history: the superior vs inferior (Miguel de Servantes on a donkey vs an affluent lawyer, broker or speculator from Pacific Palisades …on a Bentley), a CREATOR vs a PHILISTINE (a common person), a Pro Truth Hunter vs a Pro Truth Manipulator, or in the best case a peddler of OPINIONS…etc…not to offend any one…god forbid…and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the perpetual infants in spirit never get the ISTINA = (Rus) the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Oh, it’s uncomfortable…as opposed to those little private easily adjustable comfortable LIES, called “Opinions”. Can you imagine Socrates or Tolstoy saying: “IMO”, or “I think” “I guess”? Otherwise, Comfort Junkies would’ve figured a long time ago, let’s say, a simple ISTINA, that Russia is a LIE-BASED civilization. Most Russians are professional liers. Over there, unless you LIE – you DIE. Has been that way historically. Or another simple ISTINA – the inferior want a controllable world. Whether they are called liberals, communists, islamofashists, socialists, democrats, or just a house wife who suffers from an array of inferiority complexes. And they MUST, AT ALL TIMES be AT WAR. And they are NOT liberal or democratic AT ALL, as much so as supermarket tomatoes have NOTHING TO DO with real tomatoes. They are TOTALITARIAN, which means “Either my way of the highway” or “I will bestow MY order in YOUR house”. Therefore their weapon of choice is MANIPULATION. Any INFERIOR person (or nation) is manipulative. That’s the sure sign by which you can spot them from afar. For the reason of their inferiority they ALWAYS have to prove they are BETTER. They LOVE Cartels, or protected, guaranteed environments: Professional and Financial Services Cartel, Unions, Legal Drug Cartel, The United Clowns of Hollywood, etc…Next time we will talk about the importance of SPIRIT, or a lack of it.

  2. Distressing and horrifying. The best that can be said is that at least some of us are paying attention.

    Keep on posting!

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