Mark Levin Weighs In On 14th Amendment & Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan


  1. I don’t mean to nitpick, but I think Gulag Bound is missing a few topics or areas of concern.

    1. Academia: If we don’t get a hold of our K-12 system and the University I don’t know if we can overcome the indoctrination that our young people are being subject to. Our kids are being taught a fictional history and that America is a force of evil, oppression, and racism. When you start to research who the educators are the curriculums that are teaching Social Justice and Multiculturalism, it seems overwhelming.

    a. Social Justice
    b. Multiculturalism

    2. Immigration: Leftists want to make illegals citizens most of whom are illiterate in their own language, so they don’t have the communication skills to understand the American identity, the idea of common culture, and the principals that have made America so successful.

    a. Assimilation
    b. Selectivity
    c. Self deportation
    d. End Birth right citizenship

    • Thank you for the comment, Carlos. We’ve dealt with those subjects with important information and insights. What we’re lacking at present is a better way to show the browsing visitor key articles and blog posts by topic. (We’ve taken our 1.X stab at that and need to do a 2.0.) Great input.

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