Obama’s Chrysler Dealers Scandal: Accelerating

Follow Leo Donofrio and Doug Ross, for this.  We  give you a snapshot, as the combustion and torque increase.

From Mr. Ross, along with further essential information, 9/4, “Dealers that were forced to close by the White House ‘Car Czar’ had donated to the GOP by a 42-to-1 margin.”

From Mr. Donofrio, literally on the case, along with Stephen Pidgeon, 9/3:

On August 30, 2010, Judge Hellerstein suddenly dismissed the Chrysler Dealers’ appeal in the Southern District of New York thereby also canceling, for the second time, the oral argument that he ordered sua sponte.   Judge Hellerstein’s  opinion contains legal and factual errors.  Steve and I will be entering an appeal in the 2d Circuit.

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