Why the Demorats are Running from Obama like he is a Rabid Dog

If you consider yourself a liberal, take heed please. This is happening to you too.

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, says we need to be “reeducated” about Obamacare. She was a key player in the massive overhaul of the American health care system, once considered to be the best in the world, and 1/6th of the US economy. Now we have a more than massive bureaucracy that will be impossible for these incompetent liberal ideologues to manage or even figure out how to navigate.  See “NJ Looses 1/2Billion Due To Clerical Error Then Look At New Health Care Bureaucracy.”

Anyone with two brain cells could tell that “The Health Care Bill” was going to be a huge job killer, by creating total uncertainty and fear. This writer believes it was intended to do just that and further impair the middle class of America, Cloward and Piven at their finest hour. This bill is designed to destroy our economy — plain and simple.

Now my heath insurance, into which I have paid for years without a single claim, has skyrocketed. As a business owner, I do not know what even to think about hiring people and what it will cost me. This is happening to everyone across America, business owners and individuals. Insurance companies are already having to pay for the entitlements currently taking effect. The Marxist Media is even reporting a 20% rate hike without disclosing why. The Demorats in every state that voted for this bill are hearing complaints from their constituents daily, now.

The Demorat incumbents are running away from Obama like he is a rabid dog (pun intended). They are all traitors to the Constitution and should be in jail for what they have done to hard-working Americans. This heath care act is treason! If they had bothered to read it, they would know exactly what it is and what it was intended to do. They are now starting to figure it out. To little too late! Run… Run… Run… Demorats, but you cannot hide from what you have done. Obama is biting you on the butt and he is rabid.

Here is a sample of what Americans are going though now, thanks to those who voted for this bill. I found this thread on a social network (last names removed). It is very telling and what inspired me to write this:

Clint: Folks, For now on when Libs complain about companies making profits I’m just going say directly to them..So you’re a Communist!! The leftists and their anti-American, Anti-Business mindset need to be destroyed in November!! Action must be taken after the elections to show the American people exactly how much damage they have created!!

Clint: Folks, the Lib media today is reporting on huge rate hikes by health insurers averaging 20% and the hardship they will cause… not mentioned anywhere is the reason why these rates are increasing!..Anticipation of Obamacare!!

Jerome: Obama sucks.

Susan: Yeah. And Obama said insurance would be cheaper. Even a simpleton knows that doesn’t make sense!

Cin: this is something we simply cannot afford – it was high enough already. Odummercare is making me sick!

Kathleen: I’m sharing your status you said it perfectly

Nick: It’s NOT just anticipation of Obamacare. It’s adjusting for CURRENT requirements, those already in effect, imposed on the industry by the law.

John: The more govt regulates the insurance industry, the higher the rates get

Shirley: Yes ours went up and some of our programs were dropped. Obamacare sucks and hes going to get the message in November

Chuck: Feeling the effects already! Everything Obama touches turns to Sh#t!

Nancy: Hi Clint – great to see you back.. My health insurance went up on February 1st, July 1st and now it will go up again on October 1st. I never had to pay large deductibles until now, my co-pays have more than tripled. We have spent over $7,000 already this year on prescriptions, co-pays and deductibles, and we have the “best” plan … my husband is employed by the state of Massachusetts and we have the “Cadillac” plan… this is what Romneycare and Obama have done to the healthcare system in this state… and it will shortly becoming to your state.

Doc: Here is the equation (and it is always true):
Learn it, love it, live it… it’s the truth!

Nancy: by the way, we are all mostly healthy and there are only 3 of us on the plan…so if someone happens to have a major illness and needs lots of medicine and doctors visits, they are going to be in financial poverty for healthcare. I will also add, that part of the costs paid out this year was for a deductible for a surgery… which was always covered at 100% until this year!

Ginger: If this piece of garbage cannot be repealed, then it should not be funded.

Stacie: My employer healthcare cost already is higher and the employees pay the difference – Thank you Obama/Pelosi!!

Nancy: I need to go on Medicaid with everyone else – than I only have to pay 50 cents for a bottle of pills…and no deductibles or co-pays for anything … a nice free friggon ride if you are illegal

Stephen: Americans asked for a president to lower the cost of insurance. No American asked Obama to get in between the Doc. and Patient. Now we see the result of another “Right Wing” promise, that ended on “The Left Loon” side of the aisle. O-bye-bye Obama.

Rand: Sure, it’s not gonna cost us a dime…..

Linda: Another nail in the ole proverbial coffin….they are adding up….

John: This is an intended result and will ultimately give the Dems the incentive to take full control of our health care. It is quite clear to everyone what Harry Reid meant when he said the public option wasn’t dead.

Anita: Mine went up last year. I fear what it will be for next year.

John: I tried the VA once I found Medicare was rejected by most doctors and found a lot of trainees within the VA. Mostly foreign doctors satisfying residency requirements and dispensing drugs at triple the private sector price which you had to co-pay.

Donna:When Oblummer care goes into effect, it’s going to create a mass exodus of docs all over the country!!! The private practices will NO longer be able to continue taking Medicare…which is the bread and butter of most medical practices…the re-reimbursement will be next to nothing! When the docs exit, the nursing staff will be right behind them! When this happens, let’s see how much longer the unemployment line will be! WE THE PEOPLE need to squash the oblummer hell care plan NOW!!!

Rand: Sure let my paycheck shrink just before hyper inflation. That’ll fix the economy! Damn Rocket scientists I’ll tell ya.

Ann: I got a letter last week saying due to HC bill my rate is going up 50 a month and in Feb. up 100 a month. I’m thinking of checking out another company or just getting catastrophic.

Anita: @ Anna: mine went up last year and I had to find another Medicare supplement and a new Medicare “D”. I’m afraid to find out what it’s going up this time.

Ann: yeah and two weeks ago i called to find out if it went up and the offshore operator said NO.

Bill: John nails it. The rest is just bleating on our parts. Poor us. Yeah, costs are climbing. Yes, it’s painful. But the bottom line remains: this was as predictable as water running downhill, and coldly calculated to happen from before the time the bill was (deemed) passed. You are witnessing a salvo from the Left’s shock and awe campaign against the republic. -Dr. Bill

Bill: Ann: catastrophic only is the way to go, if you’re disciplined enough to save for everything else. That’s what this physician household does ;-)

Rand: Rates going up and co-pays are doubling. That’s at least a 5% pay cut.

Dawn: Mine went up $60 a month starting in July. Between my health care premium and income taxes, I pay more than my house payment!

Timothy: Bill has it right. Well thought out, well-played!

Donna: Wow Dawn!!! The keep funneling is all toward that big govt hole. This is very well planned and orchestrated. This is why our insurs. companies haven’t screamed their heads off!!!

Timothy: Cloward Piven in action folks…

Eric: exactly Clint

Try to reeducate that, Kathleen Sebelius!

Just a few more points, I want to make. Notice how many talk about their rate increases? Well, this is happening to Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters alike. No discrimination here, unless you are a union member that is.

Notice what is said about the VA? A government-run heath care system at work for how long now? You would think they would try to get right what they have in place first, especially for America’s finest, but that would make sense.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

The Doctor in the conversation is advising catastrophic only insurance. What is going to happen when that is what we are all forced to buy, due to cost. My guess, this is the door to a totally government-run heath care system, just as Harry Reid promised at the Netroots Convention, this past July. “We’re going to have a public option,” Reid said. “It’s just a question of when.”

We have not talked about rationing of care, doctors leaving the field of medicine, the IRS enforcement aspect, or the taking over of student loans and forced servitude for students after medical school, to name a few more health care killers.

And even illegal immigrants make their way into the conversation. Here are a few facts from Judicial Watch:

Last Updated: Tue, 07/14/2009 – 2:04pm

On the verge of going bankrupt with an astounding $26.3 billion deficit, the nation’s most populous state is considering saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually by cutting monthly welfare payments to illegal immigrants.

The savings doesn’t even include the billions of dollars that California spends annually to educate, incarcerate and medically treat the 2.7 million illegal aliens (7% of the state’s population) who live in the state that has so generously offered them sanctuary for decades. It turns out that legislators are finally realizing that illegal immigrants are draining their precious Golden State.

That’s why California officials, extremely generous with tax dollars in the past, are trying to find a way to eliminate welfare payments to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. The move, which has caused outrage among the state’s powerful open borders lobby, would save a much-needed $640 million a year.

An example of who the state cuts the monthly checks to is an unemployed 43-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico who gets $650 a month for each of her four children and about $500 in federal food stamps and other vouchers.

Its still chump change compared to what the state spends—between $4 billion and $6 billion annually—on schools, jails and hospitals for illegal immigrants. That doesn’t even include other local government costs such as police and fire, road maintenance and other public services.

The biggest chunk—$2.3 billion—goes to educating about 300,000 illegal immigrant children at public schools throughout the state. California expects to spend around $834 million to incarcerate nearly 20,000 illegal aliens in fiscal year 2009-2010 and well over $700 million to medically treat close to 800,000 illegal immigrants.

More than half the healthcare money will go to emergency services but a substantial portion will pay for nonemergency health services such as abortions, prenatal and postpartum care and even nursing homes.

And this is just California!

We need to save the tax dollars spent on incarceration of illegal immigrants, deport them, and use the remainder to incarcerate a bunch of politicians for treason.

Run! Run! Run! Demorat! Run from Obama if you can. You will find yourself already bitten, infected, and foaming at the mouth.

CJ's back yard at Gulag Texas, according to unsubstantiated reports

CJ in Texas hosts Fan the Fire with CJ & Tallulah, Saturday evenings on the Patriot’s Heart Network and occasionally blogs at the Fan the Fire of Freedom blog, as well as writing with the Bound.

In addition to these and civic involvements, CJ maintains a career in the oil drilling and production industry. She has dealt with Texas roughnecks and has experience operating heavy equipment, as well as pens and keyboards. Increasingly, she has added the defense and restoration of authentic America to her task list.


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