Gulag Bound’s ‘You Might be a Dog if…’ Contest, Updated as it Goes

For a moment, yesterday (Monday, September 6, a day that will live in canine infamy) Barack Obama spoke from the core of his political being, to his arranged group of Democrat and union apparatchiks — plus those especially susceptible to conversational hypnosis — in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“They talk about me like a dog.” he said of them (those who are still asking for his papers?).  “That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.”

Video from Politico: “Treated like a dog?”

Who are they? Why are they talking about him this way — like a dog?  A… certain someone… was hounded by such questions and put some feelers out via Twitter.

Maybe they just need a little teasing — a little whiff of red meat  — then they would reveal why they are involved in such a doggeral discourse!

And so, the Twitter “hashtag” was devised:


And this… certain someone… flung out a few tweets, like little messages in little bottles — or tiny Milk Bones® tossed into a great big puppy pen.

It was a noble experiment and Eureka! Responses were to be found!  Below, you may now find  some of the suggestions offered and that is what they said, about this iffy matter.

Now, would you like to vote with us via comments, to find out which treat, er, tweet best answers the question:

Why would anyone be talking about Barack Hussein Obama II, “like a dog?”

The prize for the winning twitterer, you ask?:

A free subscription to Gulag Bound, as it is published, virtually whenever one wishes to read it.

Our Obamanation Nominations:

…to be added, immediately!

…and you still have time to suggest answers — by tweeting to #YouMightBeADogIf

…or by commenting below!

…we’ll blow the whistle on this contest at a time of our choosing.

…note: no dirty personal attacks considered.


  1. I’m fairly tech-challenged so I don’t know if I added the tweet correctly. Here is my contribution..

    You might be a dog if you have no papers to show where you were born.

  2. Like it, Dog Grammie!

    And I think it’s one of our most popular entries.

  3. Do images count?

  4. @Dog Grandma We would all like to see his pedigree! We know he is a dog, the question is, What kind?

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