James Simpson: A Candid Talk with Allen West

Allen West at CPAC 2010; photo: Bill Dupray, Liberty Pundits

Freelance writing doesn’t pay much, but a compensating benefit is the opportunity one finds to meet and speak with really interesting people. Florida District 22 Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West (USA, Ret.) is one such person, and I interviewed him for this article recently.

Col. West is one of the most promising candidates on the GOP horizon for this election. He is a genuine conservative, unafraid to speak his mind and more importantly, take action to demonstrate his commitment.

His candidacy has gone national on the strength of his inspiring speeches like this one, this one, this great Tea Party speech here, or his challenge to Democrats here. But many forget, or are not aware of the controversy that first put him in the national spotlight.

Sent to Iraq in 2003, West’s battalion settled in a town north of Baghdad named Taji. West received a tip about a forthcoming ambush. At the behest of interrogators, he questioned an Iraqi detainee, a policeman who had been covertly assisting the enemy. Finding the man uncooperative, West took him outside and discharged his Beretta 9mm service pistol…  continued

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