Progressive Madness Causes Feminist to Murder Own Son in Own Womb


a child at 14 weeks in uterine age, a time common for abortions

In the mindset corrupted by demons, who in most recent epochs tend to brainwash for neo-Marxist “progressivism,” down becomes up and wrong becomes right.

It happened with Cain in his hatred of God and of His disparate blessing upon someone He favored, his brother, Abel. The rebellious son murdered the son rewarded for his righteous work.

It happened with Esau, who despised his own birthright of sovereignty in his budding nation, trading it for a bowl of soup eagerly ladled by Jacob. God made it known in turn that he despised Esau.

It happened with Judas, who scolded Jesus for accepting Mary’s expensive perfume, as she anointed him for his death to pay for the sins of those willing to accept Him. As Judas protested, its wealth could have instead gone for help the poor. He wanted control of that money instead, since he would steal from Jesus’ meager treasury. Then, he decided to accept the thirty silver pieces to give Jesus up to his government.

It has happened with Americans, who have decided to elect power mongering Democrats and false Republicans, offering government to be “their brother’s keeper” via parasitic paternalism, so power hoarders may gain rapacious dominance over an ever re-enslaved people.

Apparently, it has also happened with a “feminist” mother, whose oikophobic hatred of God’s order and its blessings has caused her to murder her own son in her own womb.

Meanwhile, America’s holocaust continues to blaze, thanks to scourges such as of Planned Parenthood and now Obamacare, evermore funded by the extortion of our own property through federal taxation and mandates, which might have repulsed King George III.

Will this epidemic of the doctrines of demons consume the naturally free manner of living, of personal sovereignty under a Sovereign God, which America’s very Declaration and Constitution were framed to protect?

Somehow, this woman’s act seems very poetic.

But I look at my title and it didn’t capture the generally perceived news value in this particular story. It should have though. I mean the murder itself for whatever reason, should have been the great horror of this event. The title given below spells it out.

‘Feminist’ aborts baby because it’s a boy

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