The Gay Hit Piece on Palin

Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post accuses Sarah Palin of offending homosexuals when she remarked that the author of a Vanity Fair hatchet job about her was “impotent and limp and gutless.” Marcus wrote, “The Vanity Fair writer, Michael Joseph Gross, is gay, which makes matters worse—conjuring the stereotype of ‘limp-wristed.’ But whatever the sexual orientation of the offending reporter, Palin should not have been questioning his manhood.”

Palin had every right to question his manhood, since he is not a man in the traditional sense and wrote a cowardly piece. But her remarks were probably directed at his “journalism,” which Marcus admits was sloppy and full of unverifiable and anonymous quotes. Nevertheless, Gross was on the CBS News “The Early Show” with his “revelations.” Host Erica Hill, who substitutes for Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News, called the article “fascinating.”

Marcus was more concerned with Palin’s response to the shoddy article than with the fact that it was written by a homosexual journalist with an axe to grind. Palin has long opposed gay marriage, which makes her an obvious target for homosexuals like Gross.

The Marcus criticism of Palin shows how “sensitive” the Post has become on matters involving homosexuality. The paper does not tolerate any criticism of the homosexual lifestyle. It has been a cheerleader for gay rights for years and was one of the first newspapers to run announcements of gay “unions” as if they were marriages.

Four days before Marcus ripped Palin, another Post columnist, Jonathan Capehart, took offense at Alveda King for giving an “anti-gay” speech at the Glenn Beck rally in Washington. Under the headline, “The Shame of Alveda King,” Capehart expressed his disgust that she had simply called for the protection of the sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Capehart was also offended that King had talked in favor of the right to life of the unborn.

He suggested these comments were a disgrace to the legacy of her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Capehart didn’t disclose in his column is that he is a homosexual himself. Although he is out of the closet and even participates in homosexual political events, I am not aware that the Post has ever informed its readers about Capehart’s conflict of interest in writing about such matters. He is a member of the Post editorial board but his official bio makes no mention of his homosexual rights activism.

The hit piece on Palin was in Vanity Fair and its author, Michael Joseph Gross, is also out of the closet. Indeed, Gross’s articles more often appear in homosexual publications like Out and The Advocate. This is where he has done some revealing journalism. This is where he has some real expertise and good “sources.” Let’s take a look.

His article, “Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?,” has special significance in view of Craigslist closing down its “adult services” section because of criticism from law enforcement, including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat who is running for the Senate. In total, 18 attorneys general wrote an open letter asking Craigslist to take the section down.

Blumenthal’s assertion that Craigslist facilitates prostitution and child sex trafficking has generated a lot of favorable media coverage for him, diverting attention away from his lying about his military service.

What do we know about Manhunt? It sounds gross, and Gross is the expert. He reported: “The phrase evokes the product Manhunt sells: a fix of quick sex—easy in, easy out. To partake, men market themselves in a style shaped by the site’s profile template. Profile names, which tend to be histrionically masculine or graphically sexual, appear next to pictures, usually of a beefcake or X-rated variety, often with heads cropped out, accompanied by brief, blunt descriptions of sexual tastes…” is a site where homosexuals officially go for “dating.” It has not been censored in any way. In fact, it is going great guns, and Michael Joseph Gross uses it. “I have done practically every stupid thing a guy can do on Manhunt,” he writes.

This is called “cruising” in the homosexual community. A homosexual is supposed to “certify” that he is 18 before going on-line and paying to use the site.

Gross reported that the site makes “at least $2.4 million per month—almost $30 million a year—not counting ad revenues, and prospects for growth are strong.”

However, Gross reported that when the Department of Justice under President Bush had considered requiring proof of age for all Americans who post naked pictures of themselves online, in order to crack down on child pornography, a link on Manhunt directed its members to the website of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force website for “instructions on how to stop the regulation from taking effect.”

“Perhaps the right that gay men are most willing to fight for is the right to cruise online,” said Gross.

Perhaps the regulations were warranted. Gross reports, “Last year [2007], a 24-year veteran of the Norwalk, Conn., police department was arrested for having sex with two 15-year-old boys and trying to arrange to meet a third—all of whom he found on Manhunt.”

Indeed, in the biggest scandal ever to hit the Norwalk Police Department, the 46-year-old police lieutenant, Thomas Cummings, was sentenced to jail for these offenses. His modus operandi was to play homosexual pornography on his computer and then have sex with the boys. Police seized hundreds of pornographic video tapes and DVDs from his home.

In August 2008, as this scandal was building, Manhunt became a “corporate sponsor” of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). An official release from the group, which claims to be fighting child pornography, said that Manhunt “provides a destination for men to meet each other online providing safe, friendly and exciting ways to express themselves and to interact with one another freely.”

It didn’t seem so harmless for the boys abused by the gay cop.

A former obscenity prosecutor said, “ASACP seems to be a way for the porn industry to look like the good guys. However, since providing porn to children, which internet pornographers do by not requiring some indicia of adulthood for entry to porn sites, they are guilty of child abuse, the very crime of which they pretend to be concerned.”

Its members or sponsors include such sites as,,, and

All of this is the result of what Dr. Judith Reisman calls “Sexual Sabotage” in her new book by that name. It is a multibillion dollar industry spreading disease and death.

One of the founders of Online Buddies, sponsor of Manhunt, is Larry Basile, a member of the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.

Basile is a significant contributor to the Democratic Party and its candidates, contributing $2,000 in 2008 to the Obama-for-president campaign.

The other co-founder of Manhunt, Jonathan Crutchley, supposedly a “liberal Republican,” contributed to the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign. When the contribution to McCain was revealed, it was so embarrassing to the left-wing board of Online Buddies that Crutchley was reportedly forced to step down. When McCain returned the contribution, Crutchley was said to be offended and announced he would support Obama. Crutchley was quoted as saying, “If John is too good for my money, I’ll give it to Barack.”

Perhaps this helps explain why Manhunt will not get the Craigslist treatment from Democratic politicians like Blumenthal.

Researcher Dale O’Leary mentioned the role of Manhunt when she wrote a report documenting the still-raging HIV/AIDS epidemic in the homosexual community: “While the AIDS epidemic no longer has media attention, the fact is that the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among MSM [men who have sex with men] continues unabated. In the 1980’s HIV infection was a death sentence and many MSM modified their behavior, but with the introduction of antiretrovirals HIV became a chronic disease. MSM experienced condom fatigue and returned to sex with multiple partners. They seek sexual partners on Internet sites like Manhunt. They attend circuit parties, at which thousands of men engage in 3-day orgies of music, sex and drugs. The epidemic is fueled by drugs and alcohol, including crystal meth, poppers, ecstasy and Viagra. In spite of the risks, MSM openly solicit partners interested in bare-backing—unprotected anal sex.”

Of course, Manhunt has a “Manhunt Cares” section, which advises members to get tested for HIV/AIDS and use condoms.

Perhaps Ruth Marcus of the Post ought to take some time to visit Manhunt (or its related site, Manhunt Daily) and report back on whether she is offended in any way by what appears and goes on there. Of course, she knows that any piece she might write that is critical about the homosexual “dating” community would offend her colleague Capehart. So it will never make it into print.

Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and may be contacted

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