Anita MonCrief: I Have Obama’s Secret Donor List

This weekend, ACORN whistle blower Anita MonCrief revealed how she witnessed ACORN, in concert with its sister organization, ProjectVote, corrupt the 2008 presidential election in favor of Barack Obama.

In an interview on The Sean Hannity Show, Moncrief said, “ACORN was flooding the election offices with massive amounts of bogus registrations.”

    Anita MonCrief on Sean Hannity Radio Show,” TheRightScoop in

Thanks Anita, for your courage to empower Americans with the truth and to serve as a warning, as America approaches its National Mid-Term Elections.

Anita’s website is

To read more about Anita MonCrief, her information, and her intentions, you can hearken to this July article, in the Gulag or at Emerging-C:

Revealed: The Obama Donor List – FEC Complaint to Follow

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