Subversion: Attacks on Police are Part of a Long Term Program

New Zeal


If you want to understand Julian Assange Wikileaks, the Edward Snowden affair and the current campaign against the United States police, watch this hour long video. From the 1980s, the video will make it clear that all these supposedly spontaneous movements are part of an ongoing, KGB and Cuban directed campaign to de-stabilize and eventually destroy America.

Firstly the House un-American Activities Committee was abolished, then the CIA and FBI were weakened, discredited and compromised. Now the military is being gutted, the NSA is severely compromised and the police are being attacked and discredited… even killed.

None of this is an accident.

This video explains exactly why America is in the position it is in today.

Update: Brent Parrish at the Right Planet has Part 1 – The Subversion Factor: Attacks on Police Are Part of a Long Term Program


  1. …and I suggest going with G. Edward Griffin where he has also gone since he did that documentary…

    Investigators of Globalist Conspiracy, Meet your Mentor, Mr. Norman Dodd


    Collectivism in America? Conspiracy of Left & Right? Listen to G. Edward Griffin

  2. Kids watched #1 with me this morning and part of #2. Finishing #2 tonight. Homeschool history/govt lessons. Job well done…again! Keep up the good work. Looking for more videos for my children for homeschooling and written papers. THanks, Dave.

    Who really want to know the worst case scenario for America?

    IRS attack Kent Hovind imprison for 99 months.

    Agenda 21 still being implemented in California.

    30 Days supplies Vodka.antiseptic?

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