Call Barack Obama “Socialist?” is Concerned

"Noah Webster, the Schoolmaster of the Republic" via Wikipedia

Did you know they had a blog?  Here is their July 5th entry:

“How do your ideas of ‘socialism’ & ‘democracy’ compare to definitions?”

And here is an excerpt.

Now, let’s pause for a moment. Is there a word that has recently provoked more animus and inspired a wider range of usage than socialism? Somewhere, at this moment, a fastidious student of language and politics is probably collating the myriad utterances of this word since President Obama’s inauguration, trying to find some strand of logic. If you’re reading this, hypothetical scholar, drop us a line and we’ll send you a mug as a token of our admiration.

So, let’s drop them a few polite lines and explain.  Think they really will give us their gift?

“Yes, Virginia,” they are socialists, but “Marxist” is even more apt.

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