On Having one’s Name Deleted from the Internet by Obama & Co.

Typical Pharaoh

These days, it isn’t difficult to ascertain when you are on the Obama Enemies List.  Leftist bloggers will increase and become even more inarticulate (if that’s even possible) in their attacks on you when you begin disseminating too much truth, when your columns hit too close to home for a general comfort.  You may even glaringly find your unwanted and hated column displayed on the White House Facebook page.  Yikes!  One way to deal with the is to “eliminate” the voices of those who oppose the tyrant.  Sadly, such is my case.

And such strongly seems to be the case of the techniques now utilized by the two major Internet search engines–Google and Yahoo.  It appears that when they are told by The Obama to delete an opposer’s name from their files, like Pharaoh Seti I is said to have deleted Moses’ name from everything in the Egyptian New Kingdom, my name has now almost been completely deleted from Google and Yahoo is following close behind the leftist leader.  Are plans to eradicate other truth-tellers on the way?

Note: For regular readers, this additional sabotage will come as no surprise.  This has been occurring steadily over the past 2-3 years.  I have gone from over 1.5Million entries on each search site to–now–under 8,000 entries on Google and about 22K on Yahoo.  Oddly, the biggest drop came when I wrote about the Obama vacations and then, most recently, his turning Arizona over to the corrupt UN for “human rights violations”–a story the AP had, also, briefly covered.  For my Uber-leftist critics, no I am not equating myself to the Deliverer Moses.  First, I simply wouldn’t do so.  Second I’m a woman and third I doubt even The Obama would yet have the audacity to take on a known messenger from God; although I have no doubt he might actually consider it.  Actions do speak louder than words.

The reason I’m writing this has nothing to do with either self-pity or self-aggrandizement.  In fact, the reason said deleting is able to be accomplished is because I am hardly as well known as many other conservative writers.  In other words, they (Obama & Co) are able to get away with removing my name far more easily than if I were Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham.  Instead, I am writing it to let you know the depths to which this administration–and all Marxists–will stoop to silence their critics.  Historically, when these totalitarian governments remain unchallenged by any effective means–and are allowed to remain in power–will, in time, begin to use more brutal and perverse tactics; from placing their opposition into prisons and eventual outright mass “exterminations.”  One need only look at the relatively recent tactics–toward the overall “elimination of enemies”–of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot and Idi Amin to understand what is brought about by unrestrained and unstopped tyrannical rulers.  After Obama & Co has completed its experiment on me, which of you will be next for speaking up against the planned demise of We-the-People?

Some of my (now former) colleagues had received multiple death threats, warning them to stop writing against both The Obama and Islam.  Note: Almost all of us have and, nowadays, if from a true conservative perspective this avocation is not for everyone.  Even though most of the time it results in stimulating debate these days, increasingly it can often be dangerous.

Sadly, some of the  voices opposing the dictator, his masters and minions have now been silenced.  The truth is that the more accurately one portrays and exposes evil, the stronger that evil tries to render the truth-teller speechless.

I consider being counted in Obama’s “opposition list of undesirables and enemies” to be a distinct badge of honor.   The “deletion” also tells me strongly and firmly that my continuing attempts to get the truth about The Obama and his anti-God and anti-human policies out to the public is working–and evidently working too well for our Dictator-in-Chief.  But, with well over half of the American people polled (by leftist polling so we know the number is much higher!) now wanting to not only replace the Marxist-Dem Congress but, The Obama itself, he can’t get us all.  We-the-People–as is our charter and responsibility under the original Declaration Independence–can, must and will bring them down.

November 2010 will determine whether or not the US Constitutional peaceful revolution, known as ‘the vote’, still functions as it should.  Again, in order to stem the tide of anticipated massive voter fraud and ObamaThug intimidation, We-the-American-People must vote in extremely high numbers never seen before.  For the survival of ourselves and our posterity (hmmm that has a nice ring to it!) we can and must do it.

Historically, intimidation of the American people has never worked for very long.  Let’s also make sure we elected those who will repeal laws that cancel out free speech.  And let us ensure that our elected representatives bring back the free and unfettered Internet–shall we?  May God be with us, my friends.

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Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

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