‘Bush Lied, People Died’ (the Gulf War & cynical Democrat propaganda)

Misunderstanding of the Bush-Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) WMD issue is the direct result of the media’s pervasive, saturation psyops. It drowns out the truth to the point that even intelligent, well-read patriots buy into it. This is Jim Simpson’s follow-up to his new item, “Democrats Lied, People Died: Massive WMD Stockpiles Existed in Iraq. — AW


In 2005, I wrote an article by that title. It was meant sarcastically. It has always been the Left that drives Americans into dangerous, deadly situations. And this time was no different. Before the Iraq war, official Washington, that is the entrenched political Left, was beating the drum over Saddam’s WMD program. Virtually every single prominent Democrat, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and many others, described in apocalyptic terms the danger Saddam posed with his WMD program.

Nobody believed Saddam was telling the truth when he claimed he no longer had a WMD program. Everyone, even the UN, believe it or not, made statements to the effect that he needed to fess up or go. So it was infuriating to see the Democrats flip like a swtich the minute G.W. Bush decided to do something about it. Suddenly it was all Bush’s fault. George W. Bush, i.e. “Chimpy Bushitler” according to leftists, the knuckle-dragging moron, suddenly became the Machiavellian genius who tricked the credulous, innocent Democrats into a war for WMD that suddenly never existed! And Saddam’s connection to 9-11? Oh perish the thought, thou fools!

Only the Left, with its practiced media allies could pull off such a fraud. And only the Left would continue to pump that narrative. Leftists lie. It is pretty much all they do and one of the few things they are actually accomplished at. So I wrote the following article. It is long but read every word. More facts are cited in that article than any dozen from the New York Times or Washington Post. That is because it is based on facts, not an agenda, unlike the Post, Times and so many others whose facts must fit their agenda. I criticized Bush for many of the things he did. But he cannot be blamed for unilaterally suckering us into going to war. The Democrats share equal or more blame. And now, having utterly ruined our hard-won victories in Iraq, Obama can claim direct, personal and unitary responsibility for all those deaths and injuries being a horrific and pointless waste. Read on:

Bush Lied, People Died

That statement all by itself encapsulates the political Left’s modus operandi. It is at once deliberately provocative, crudely insulting and a calculated lie. Slogans like this are crafted for impact, not accuracy, and illustrate succinctly that the Left is…


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