The Communist/Islamic Nexus Rears its Head in Tucson

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Most Westerners fail to understand that atheistic “progressive” communism and medievalist Theist Islam are joined at the hip.

They are united in their hatred of Western culture and values and c0operate at all levels to destroy their mutual enemy.

Adelita Grijalva

Adelita Grijalva

The anti-Islamic terrorist Qatar Awareness Campaign has sent a letter to Adelita Grijalva, president of the Tucson Unified School District.

Dear Ms. Grijalva:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar. The Tucson Unified School District has accepted grant money from the Qatar Foundation to fund an Arabic language program. Qatar is a state-sponsor of terrorism, including Hamas, who routinely use civilians, including children , as human shields.

Qatar is the host country of the Muslim Brotherhood, a stateless political organization which came to maturity at the same time as the Nazi Party in Germany. Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Third Reich shared many of the same aims in World War II, including the extermination of Jews. Their collaboration is well-documented.

That a school district headed by Adelita Grijalva should accept Qatari money is no surprise. Like her father, far left Congressman Raul Grijalva, Ms. Grijalva has a history of ties to the Communist Party USA – an organization with decades old connections to multiple terrorist and anti-American organizations.

The Communists have long targeted Arizona because it is a border state. A porous border, which the communists have campaigned to achieve, is perfect for terrorist infiltration. it is also necessary for illegal immigration, which is also supported by the hard left as a way to swamp the conservative voting base with millions of new Democratic voters.

The communists have also targeted Arizona’s school boards.

On Wednesday, 15 September 2010, a reception in support of Eva Carrillo Dong was held at Rigo’s Mexican Restaurant on 2527 South 4th Avenue in Tucson. Carrillo Dong, a Communist Party affiliate, was standing for re-election in the Sunnyside Unified School District at the time.


Key attendees included several known leftist Southern Arizona identities including Salvador Barajas, Sunnyside School Board Member Magdalena Barajas, Rolande Baker, Joe Bernick, Mary Carmen Donaldson, Hon. Dan Eckstrom, County Supervisor Richard Elias, Tucson City Council Member Richard Fimbres, James Hannley, Rigoberto Lopez, Raul Nido, Laura Portillo, Manuel E. Portillo, Tucson City Council Member Regina Romero, Albert Siqueiros, Janet L. Valencia, Steve Valencia and Adelita Grijalva. Bernick, Hannley and both Valencias were all affiliated with the Arizona District of the Communist Party.

Communists all over the US are working to empower Islam – just like the communists worked hand in glove with the Nazis before the Hitler-Stalin falling out.

No part of the US is safe from the Communist/Islamic anti-American alliance. Not even Southern Arizona school districts.


  1. Have known of over a decade the ugly connection between Islam and Marxism. So sad that its come down to this.
    Looking forward to reading your articles.

  2. The Nazis and the Bolsheviks did indeed have much in common but recall that Hitler hated the Bolsheviks or as he called them Judeobolshevik. It was Jewish bankers who sold out Germany during WW1 and he never forgot it. The Nazis were evil thats a fact but the Bolsheviks AKA Marxists were even more evil and cruel. The irony is Hitler hated the Bolsheviks?Marxists, but it was he who inadvertently opened the door to the Marxists who ruined Europe by promoting Anti Christianity, entitlements via socialism, sloth, political correctness, white guilt & promotion of depopulation in a continent that never recovered its population lost during the 2 world wars. But thats not the worst of it- the marxists opened up Europe to their future foot soldiers- the Muslims. The Marxists hate the “goy” or Christians and so do the Muslims who have been committing genocide against Christians since the early 7th century. With the joining of these ideologies of hate, the West faces a very ugly future. I really wish people would wake up. I have, but I’m part of a small minority. War is coming maybe not in my lifetime, but its coming. I pray the Holy Spirit will guide us.

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