Sabotage at Home & Abroad: Obama & Kerry Robbing Us to Pay Jihadis Attacking Israel


"Thank you boys." Lawrence Welk

“Thank you boys.” – Lawrence Welk

If America were led in its halls of power by transnational saboteurs, trained in neo-Marxist* methods for destroying the free and independent United States of America, all for the sake of gradualist but hard and heavy revolution, then you might find it extorting our own money and feeding it to (additional) enemies of personal sovereignty, freedom and peace, both here and in other highly strategic spots around the world.

Besides our own nation, where might such evil strategy be played out?

Obama, Kerry to fork over another $212 million to Hamas-ruled Gaza

For more on the use of American foreign aid in order to foment the ravages of Islam and Jihad, see, from two years ago, “What is the Cost to American Families, of Aid to Islamist Nations?

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, please pardon us for the language

* Or, Marxofascist, the terms are virtually interchangeable.

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