Dick Morris & Cliff Kincaid Expose Leon Panetta’s Obama Exposé, ‘Worthy Fights’

Panetta-Worthy-FightsIn a nation steeped in the fifth column media’s selling of and protecting of the collectivist revolution and its neo-Marxist messiah, suddenly much is being made of Leon Panetta’s revelations in his Worthy Fights.  Why are a few smaller chinks in Obama’s constantly patched-up armor now being pointed out in Panetta’s “tell all” (no, tell just enough for some people’s purposes) book?

Veteran ex-Clintonista political consultant Dick Morris borrows from his own extensive experience and insights. Morris has emerged, from within the bloated belly of the beltway, a man of refreshing boldness and patriotism. I find myself wondering if he has documentation on the Clintons put away with various people, in the event of untoward events occurring in his life.

Cliff Kincaid, investigative journalist, veteran exposer of communists and Russian agents, though unfortunately not so much with globalist fascists, is a man with numerous former/current U.S. Intelligence sources at his fingertips and vice versa. He provides context which puts Panetta, Obama, and Hillary Clinton in their places, to an extent. What places? Pretty much, in the same boat.

I suggest both reads along with related media reports. Then, we can save the time that reading the mild mannered Marxist’s book would take, while keeping a bit of our tax-ravaged money from redistribution to the bank accounts of such a bandit.

Mr. Morris: “Leon Panetta, Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff who was appointed with Hillary’s blessing, has written a book with one clear motive: To bolster Hillary’s narrative that the failures of the foreign policy that she designed were simply not her fault. Everything was Obama’s fault, not Hillary’s and, of course, not Panetta’s.”

Panetta’s Book Is A Contract Hit On Obama By Hillary – DickMorris.com

Mr Kincaid, who took part in exposing the Communist collaboration earlier in Paneta’s politico career, lists numerous important points of trouble in Panetta’s recounting of his own and the Obama administration’s dealings with Russia. That’s important.

Leon Panetta’s Phony Tough Guy Act
One more thing. It may be observed that when a book like this is trotted-out as if it were a tell-all book, it tends to provide public relations inoculation against that which it manifestly does not tell. That is a very important tactic to note, in the highly refined practice of propaganda which we all suffer by now, in our 21st Century AD.

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