Benghazi 9-11; What a Truly Thorough Investigation Would Involve (ongoing)

Reuters photo

Reuters photo

Of course Americans need to know why our personnel were made vulterable in Benghazi, despite their pleas prior to the 9-11-2012 marauding — and why they were kept vulnerable during its course. Definitely, we demand to know who covered up what, and not just by the rather silly video cover story. And of course we sovereigns of our nation must know what our personnel were doing there in the first place, and the second place, and the third, so to speak.

But if the official investigations address only this, they will still fail to serve our Citizenry. We require knowledge and true perspective of the bigger picture, do we not? How were we treating Libya and other Muslim-dominated nations? Why? Was that right or wrong? And how does this entire scenario continue now and into the future?

I haven’t done this in awhile: an entry in Gulag Bound that is meant to be a work in process, starting with just a bit and as it proceeds, becoming a much more expansive examination. It is about this…

Benghazi Perspective, More Syrian Devastation and my Redemption Day are Coming

…a commitment I have made to do answer a challenge that hangs in the air with me, if not America’s “mainstream” news media:

If I were a news editor with healthy budget and a team of investigative journalists, what would I direct them to look into, in order to understand the depths, heights, and extents of the entire scandalous crisis highlighted by all that centers around the horrific events at the United States CIA office/consulate in Benghzai on September 11, 2012.

It may take two or three days before this entry is complete. I will probably edit along the way. When it is fiished I may refine it, or make a separate article of it, or I may just leave it as it will be. I will list a number of focal points and discuss how those dots might appear to connect. But as time has gone, this project kept at bay, I have become more and more expectant the connections will become self-evident.

For whatever reason, this appears in the front of my mind as the place to start. It is what an honorable if somewhat colorful man numerous times attested he experienced shortly after the big 9-11, in 2001. Former NATO Commander, Admiral Wesley Clark.

I’ll feature what I intend to in a bit. To be continued, probably within just a few hours…

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