Who said, ‘We are socialists… enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system… with its unfair salaries…?’


Who said this?


We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.

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Yes indeed, Diana, it was this man. 

Adolf Hitler with German Workers Party / National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) members

Adolf Hitler with German Workers Party / National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) members,
via http://totallyhistory.com/german-workers-party

It is translated from Hitler’s May 1st speech in 1927, referenced in John Toland’s Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography, 1976, ISBN 0-385-42053-6. This is described in context in the article by John J. Ray, “Hitler was a Leftist.”

For more about the politics that made Hitler popular. you may read in Gulag Bound, “Adolf Hitler – Progressive Pioneer,” by Rob of JoshuaPundit.

In Totally History, the entry, “German Workers’ Party” also provides context, including the numerous connections of leaders to the Thule Society, said to be similar to and even connected with Yale University’s Skull and Bones.

Related, for more on the Nazi beginnings of political environmentalism/ecology, see articles by Mark Musser.

Photos of Adolph Hitler’s visit to a Siemens factory in 1933:

via http://normalzustandrot.blogsport.de/2009/09/08/anerkennung-fuer-gute-arbeit-und-die-gefahr-der-politischen-klassenspaltung

via http://normalzustandrot.blogsport.de/2009/09/08/anerkennung-fuer-gute-arbeit-und-die-gefahr-der-politischen-klassenspaltung

via  http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/60654.html and http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/58769.html

via http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/60654.html
and http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/58769.html


  1. Hitler said that in 1927. @DiannaCotter is my Twitter handle.

  2. Actually it was Gregor Strasser 15 June 1926

    • I think at this point it’s clear that both Strasser and Hitler have made that statement. Who it originated with is really not relevant to the main point, namely that the quote represents the political program, thinking, and ideology of the Nazi party and its leaders in the late 1920’s.

      • ItWasNotHitler says

        No, hilted said this though

        Socialism means putting the interests of the community first. Our German ancestors held some lands in common. Marxism is not socialism. Bolshevism is not socialism. I shall take away socialism from the socialists.

  3. There is no Hitler speech from May 1st 1927. And there is no speech from 1927 that contains this quote. Gregor Strasser said it in sympathy with Hitler’s views. It perfectly encapsulates the policies and ideology of Hitler and the fascist left wing. National Socialism is Socialism, fueled by fascism. Fascism is extreme authoritarian nationalism. That can be left or right wing. Conservative or liberal, big government or small government.

    The more you know…..

  4. ItWasNotHitler says

    It’s George Strasser. One of the guys hurler murdered in the night of the long knives.

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