BREAKING? Man with Huntingtons Brutalized by Police Before his Two Young Children

Unlike the cases of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, this appears to be an matter of abuse in which the police in this instance are videoed and for which eyewitness accounts appear to be consistent and corroborative.

If this is the abuse it so demonstrably seems to be, it is a kind that is not at all unique in our times; rather a problem that should be exposed and examined nationwide.

But the victim is not of a demographic essential for divisive propaganda leverage by America’s treasonous collectivists. Not of a group singled-out for perpetually manipulative abuse on those “progressives'” paternalist political plantation.

The victims rather, are an American family which happens to feature light pigmentation.

September 6th, Morgantown, West Virginia:

Video Shows Police Brutally Beat Terminally Ill Man in Front of His Two Young Children

H/T: @CatagnusCc

Note, earlier I mistakenly reported Mr. Bane was killed, the consequence of diving one’s time and attention hurriedly and unwisely, that is now corrected. – AW

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