Just Who is Gulag Bound?


We are.

Since we have begun a more formal email subscription program, we should probably reintroduce ourselves. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

GulagBound.com was begun on July 4, 2010 as a Web-based magazine (Webzine) of citizen researchers, journalists, and authors, both professional and amateur. We reveal what is behind the scenes politically, showing threats to the survival of our free America, both in current terms and in the history of the networks at work against us.

We cut through the flak and chaff of common “conspiracy theorist” venues by demonstrating facts, reliable context, valid reason, and principled sensibility.

Our point of view is authentic American. We understand that the purpose of the U.S.A., as our founders stated, is to live as freely as we responsibly may and that government is there to guard, not violate our natural rights. The core of what has made America “exceptional” in history is that we are founded upon truly effective popular sovereignty (individual authority and power over our own lives) accountable to God, and that this is necessarily guarded by state and beyond that, national sovereignty.

We are currently one of two arms of Sovereignty Unbound, LLC, the other being The Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam.org).

Gulag Bound presents threats to our central sovereignty system as just described.

The Sovereignty Campaign is about re-empowering ourselves in true republicanism, with the people in charge and those we hire in government subservient to us, given their job description by us, and objectively measured by it, to allow us to promote, demote, hire, and fire as we must.

Gulag-Bound-squareBut just who is “Gulag Bound?”

We all are, unless we change. We are all headed for increasing slavishness in Gulag America, individually and as a people — unless we know our principles, the threats to living by them, and our true way of responsible freedom, each of us accountable for what we do as citizen princes and princesses by America’s birthright.

Please do continue to Run with the Bound — and list up, engage with us, and support what we are building in SovCam. We will keep you updated and if we stay in touch, we will all be impressed by what can (and must) accomplish.

Highest regards, your servant,
Arlen Williams
Editor in Chief, Gulag Bound
Founder & Managing Developer, Sovereignty Unbound, LLC

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