Remember John P. O’Neill on 9-11, ‘The Man Who Knew’

What was going on in the halls of power that apparently brought the Clinton/Reno “Department of Justice” to apply subterfuge to set-up and fire their own, contrastingly effective, FBI agent assigned to al Qaeda and Bin Laden?

Set up for his all to ironic death at the WTC on 9-11-2001.

For being too effective?

For knowing too much?

This video and associated reporting is must see information for perusal and downloading as possible.

[Updated 9-11-2018]:

See the Frontline video, “The Man Who Knew”:
Watch Online | The Man Who Knew | FRONTLINE | PBS

Associated article:
Introduction | The Man Who Knew | FRONTLINE | PBS

Perhaps one day we will also release a way to view the director’s cut of The Path to 9/11, the docudrama that showed too much and was thus censored by corrupt power in government and Disney-ABC.

See “Blocking ‘The Path to 9-11′” here:

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