‘Epidemic of Racial Violence in America, Alright;’ Bill Whittle on Black Racism

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“If this is an epidemic, where’s the epidemic?”


“Twenty-five times more frequently.”


“And when it comes to a specific kind of violent crime, aggravated assault, the number of black on white crimes is two-hundred times higher than white on black crimes. Oh, there’s an epidemic of racial violence in America, alright.”


“Black racism is the toxic glue that holds the ‘progressive’ coalition together.”

“As we see from the events in Ferguson, open encouragement of black rage at a narrative that not only does not exist, but reverses the daily outrages that do exist is what defines modern ‘progressivism.’ It’s the politics of envy, anger, entitlement, lawlessness, violence, and bald-faced lies.”


“Of all the promises….”


Lucifer set the trend in Heaven, Cain brought it into the flesh at Abel’s expense, and Judas Iscariot’s Pharisees delivered it to Jesus Christ – the self-destructive rage behind believing that God and those along with Him who have “more than me,” are unfair to “my” desires and have to be put down.

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  1. The truth is something those in the media and the race hustlers don’t really care about. The fact that more black people commit crimes against whites is somehow justified in their minds. Justice for all the wrongs of the past and if you bring up these facts. You guessed it, your just a racist and what you say doesn’t matter.

  2. The social engineers and globalists demand that We remain divided against ourselves immersed within their provoked chaos lest We identify Our True Oppressors.

  3. I believe the underlying reason for colored people to act criminal :America like it or not,has not the best reputation,when it comes to minorities.Might it be the American Indians!!Chinese immigrants,The Japanese,after Pearl Harbor! Even Spanish heritage.Many of the still abused,are not standing and fighting.
    How ever Blacks hold against the white race,that they were forcefully put into slavery,brought from another continent.Blacks from Africa are seldom violent and a lot more polite.Also blacks truly have lesser
    opportunities .When my son went to highschool in 80stees,the agenda was,you have to get along!
    A Well educated society to the best of his or her own,will not have to practice this.For it will all fall in place

    Education is the answer!

  4. are those numbers true?

    the FBI website had a page and it was only just over 2 to 1 black murdering white vs the other way around.
    i think the govt is playing games with the numbers like including white hispanic illegal aliens in the regular white crime stats – at least this is what i saw claimed on some other site. it was a questionable site that definitely had an axe to grind though, lol.

    “we all got to get along”? or people need to open their eyes and judge for themselves


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