Vladimir Bukovsky: EU = USSR

By: Brent Parrish
The Right Planet


EUSSR (Credit: Finn Skovgaard)

Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky spent a total of 12 years in Soviet psychiatric prisons and labor camps. Upon his first release from the camps, he asked a journalist to set up some cameras to record his testimony about what was really going on within the Soviet penal system.

Bukovsky knew he would be arrested again for spilling the beans. But he wanted the world to know the truth about the human rights’ abuses going on within the Soviet Union; he was afraid he might not have the mental faculties to tell his story, considering the drugs he was being injected with in the camps.

Talk about bravery and moral courage.

Now, Vladimir Bukovsky is warning about the ominous rise of the European Union (EU), which he refers to as the “pale version of the Soviet Union.”

Bukovsky is especially concerned about EuroPol—the EU’s police force and law enforcement agency. The EU has proposed outlawing such things as “racism” and “xenophobia”—something that has never been codified into law by any other nation, to my knowledge.

Vladimir Bukovsky was interviewed in the hard-hitting documentary The Soviet Story, which outlines the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Soviets and its puppet regimes.


There were never any Nuremburg-style trials held for all the mass killings and abuses committed by the Soviet regime, and is one of the major reasons Bukovsky believes socialism/communism is still embraced by many in the West to this day—many are just simply unaware, or choose to ignore, the horrific crimes committed under the banner of Marxian socialism, i.e. communism.

The Soviet Story 

PS: If you watch the documentary “The Soviet Story” [also see at here] you’ll notice some of the interviews with foreign speakers are not subtitled. You can visit the website SovietStory.com and read some of the untranslated quotes from the documentary in the “People from the Film” section.

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